Jenn + Patrick | SteelStacks Engagement | Bethlehem, PA

When Jenn and Patrick got engaged and started the wedding planning process they set a goal; have unique photographs to remember this moment in time. They hunted high and low for the perfect wedding venue. Seriously guys, the venues they looked at were all over Pennsylvania! While beautiful, none of them seemed to have that special spark and it became too overwhelming. 

And then they found Atlantis Paradise THE BAHAMAS Y'ALL! Luckily for me creating unique wedding photographs for them should be pretty easy in December. However, they didn't just want unique wedding photos they also wanted their engagement photos to be equally as special. 

So we packed up the car (with mostly my camera gear...) and we headed out on a two-hour drive to where Jenn grew up. Our first stop was the SteelStacks in Bethlehem. The SteelStacks were once the home of Bethlehem Steel, the second largest steel manufacturer in the nation. Today they act as a site for music festivals and art! 

We went back to Jenn's roots to the farm she grew up on in the Leigh High Valley area. Today there is a newly built office building standing where the barn that Jenn grew up playing in once was. The cool thing about that is that they used the original stone from the barn to build the new structure! So while Jenn's barn is gone, the beautiful stone is still in their engagement photos! How stinkin cool is that!!

So I'd say they did a pretty good job of choosing some unique locations of their photos! Jenn and Patrick, I loved being able to get to know you both better on our little road trip and can not wait for our big "road trip" in December! 

A HUGE Thank You to:
Hair and Makeup | Jennifer Price Froelich of Time For You Salon

Kathleen + Anthony | Conoy Brethren in Christ Wedding | Elizabethtown, PA

It's pretty rare that I don't get to meet a couple before their big day. But with Kathy and Tony planning their big day the whole way from Perkasie and running a family of five, yes, 5 kids! (Okay, teenagers and young adults. As if that makes it easier...). We stuck to a simple phone call. ;)

Since I didn't have much time to get to know Kathy and Tony before their wedding day here is what I learned about them on their wedding day: 

1. Tony loves Kathy. Deeply and truly. I mean the poor guy could hardly hold back his tears of joy all day! One look at his lovely wife Kathy and he'd turn into a big ol' pile of mush. Don't worry, the good kind of mush... The kind of mush that makes you turn into a pile of mush behind your camera....I'm not crying, you're crying!

2. Kathy loves Tony. Deeply and truly. She was there to catch every joyful tear that fell down Tony's face. Not a single one was missed! And after wiping away each tear she would follow up with a long, loving embrace to her husband.

3. Kathy and Tony's children love them a whoooole lot. It's a pretty rare sight to see that many siblings in one area not trying to murder each other... Just keepin it real! I was so impressed by their maturity that day. If I'm being honest, marriage was not a concept I fully understood at their age. However, they all seemed to grasp the importance and significance of that special day as their family became one. It was absolute beautiful to see how happy they are were for their parents. 

It was an absolute honor to be apart of Kathy, Tony and their family's special day. It was full of joyful tears and lots of laughter. Two of my favorite things! To capture their first moments as husband and wife was better than I ever could have dreamed. Congrats Kathy and Tony!!

Julianna + Will | Lauxmont Farms Wedding | Wrightsville, PA

Oh gosh, where do I even start with J and Will's AH-mazing Lauxmont Farms wedding?! I honestly don't think I've ever seen a bride smile more than Julianna did on her wedding day. Like not a single moment of the day without a HUGE grin on her face. Guys, weddings are stressful. It's totally normal to have moments of "what's going on?" and "what's not here yet?" But not Julianna. Not a single second went by that day that this girl wasn't as happy as could be!

When we met up with Will later in the day I was reminded why. I should have remembered from their engagement session that all I needed to do to make either one of them smile was to tell them to look at each other. I was told before their engagement session that Will hate's being in front of a camera. I feel ya, Will! I hate having my photo taken too. However, Will is totally a natural in front of the camera! 

At their engagement session, I asked Will about his hate for being in front of the camera. He responded with "Well we’ve been practicing. Photos are important to her (Julianna) so I’m trying my best for her.” Who could stop smiling on a day where you get to marry a man like that?! Someone who is willing to try their best even when it makes them uncomfortable. That's real love and it was an absolute honor to be able to document that love on their wedding day. Thank you both so much for choosing to include me on your special day!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Wedding Planner | Daisy Pagan of Perfect Settings
Reception Venue | Lauxmont Farms 
Ceremony Venue | Community Bible Church
DJ | DJ Edge
Florist | Floral Designs of Mount Joy
Bakers | The Couture Cakery
Dress | In White
Videographer | JKM Productions

Hazel Margaret | Newborn Session | Elizabethtown, PA

I'm so excited to show off my favorite little muggle today on the blog! Because when your best friends make you a new best friend you've gotta show them off right? And what better way to do so than by capturing their newborn photos for them.

Hazel Margaret, you've only been in this world for a few weeks, but you are already SO loved by so many. Even if you are giving your mom and dad a real good run at this first-time parent thing they wouldn't trade it for the world! Plus... I still haven't had to change your diaper yet. So you're cool in my book!

It's been amazing to watch my best friends become parents for the first time. Watching not only their bond with Hazel grow each day, but their love for one another. I'm sure they're too busy to notice, but it's totally happening, y'all! And it's truly a beautiful sight to see. I could not be happier for Kirsten, Andrew and little Hazel on becoming a perfect little family!

Christy + Sam | Downtown Lancaster | Engagement Session

I knew the minute Christy and Sam started talking about their wedding and engagement session at our consultation together that I NEEDED to work them. I mean a beer garden theme wedding with growlers, hops, and florals as the centerpieces? Who wouldn't want to be involved in that?!? 

If you couldn't tell already Christy and Sam are pretty big fans of beer (duh...). Sam even planned their surprise proposal at one of the best places in Lancaster to grab a beer, The Fridge! So it was only natural we went back there for their engagement session. 

Besides sippin on delicious beers, Christy and Sam have a huge passion for the city they live in, Lancaster. So much so that they've chosen to keep all of their wedding vendors local to Lancaster County. That's harder than it sounds, guys! So it was only right we spent some time exploring the city where they fell in love, Downtown Lancaster.

Eliza + Brian | Stoltzfus Homestead & Gardens Wedding | Gordonville, PA

Couples that laugh together, stay together. That's a real saying, right? I'm no marriage expert, but I'm preeetty sure that couples that laugh as hard as Eliza and Brian do together have it figured out. It's just basic marriage science!

Brian is absolutely hilarious and Eliza has the cutest, full body laugh. Like she literally tips over from laughing! It was adorable to watch a huge grin come across Brian's face everytime Eliza would start laughing. And in my eyes, that makes them the perfect match for one another.

Thank you, Eliza, Brian and both your families for making me feel so welcomed on your perfect day! It was an absolute honor to photograph your Stoltzfus Homestead wedding!

Special Thanks to:
Venue | Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens
Wedding Planner | Dawn of Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens
DJ | R Lawrence DJ
Dress | Saja
Florist | Petals and Pearls
Bakers | Colebrook bakery

Amber + Chris | Lakefield Wedding | Manheim, Pennsylvania

Anyone who follows along has probably heard me say this a million times; how do I get so lucky to work with the couples that I do? Seriously, I’ll never understand it. Amber and Chris’s Lakefield wedding was what dreams are made of. I mean there was a soul train line, at least 6 different flavors of donuts, chair dances, kittens (shout out to John Cena the kitten!) and lots and lots of love. Oh, and let’s not forget breakfast for dinner. Cause who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!

Also, any couple who can’t get through their ceremony without hugging, not once, but twice before their kiss is automatically my favorite. Not to mention they followed up their first kiss as husband and wife with a chest bump. Again, favs <3 I absolutely loved photographing Amber and Chris’s love. Their families might think their PDA is annoying at times, but from a wedding photographer perspective, it’s the best thing in the world. It was an absolute honor to capture their love and first day as husband and wife!

Special Thanks to:
Wedding Planner | Patty Mazzei
Venue | Lakefield Weddings
Dress | Lilla's Bridal Boutitque
Florist | Tulips and Twine
Bakers | Weiser's Market and Duck Donuts

Meena + Josh | Hindu Fusion Wedding | Historic Acres of Hershey | Elizabethtown, PA

Let me just start by saying I will never, EVER, get over just how amazing Meena and Josh's wedding at The Historic Acres of Hershey was. I honestly wish I could share every single photograph with you guys! I got teary eyed about three or four times that day just because things were so overwhelmingly beautiful. And anyone who knows me knows I don't cry very often... It was just that beautiful! 

And I don't just mean the amazing attention to detail or the breathtaking colors everywhere. Meena and Josh are what made this wedding so beautiful. Their kindness and love for one another shined throughout the entire day. Even when their priest was over an hour late they just laughed, rolled with the punches and kept the party going. 

They had a long wedding day too! With not one, but two gorgeous outfits changes which included hair and makeup as well. I was so impressed how the two of them handled all of the typical wedding day stresses like they were nothing. They would lock eyes, smile at each other and start laughing at themselves. I loved being able to capture all of those wonderful moments for them on their wedding day! 

Special Thanks to:
Wedding Planner | Alyssa Wolfe of Sapphire Road
Venue | Historic Acres of Hershey
DJ | Scott Martise of Klock Entertainment
Florist | Stephenson's Flowers and Gifts
Hair and Makeup | Bombshell Brides
Other | Swoon Vintage Rentals, Leo's Homemade Ice Cream

Katie + Adam | York Agriculture and Industrial Museum Wedding | York, PA

Adam and Katie's wedding at the York Agriculture and Industrial Museum was absolutely stunning. And an amazing and truly beautiful group effort by family and friends. The groomsmen beautifully set up the entire venue up on a tight time frame. Bridesmaids did hair, makeup, baked AN ENTIRE WEDDING CAKE and often playing assistant to me (THANK YOU FOREVER!). Their incredibly talented friends serenaded everyone with music and even officiated the ceremony. And I am also blessed to call these two love birds my friends. Not a single beat was missed. Family and friends worked their butts off to make sure Katie and Adam had the wedding of their dreams. What better way to start a marriage than to be surrounded by family and friends the entire day! It was truly an honor to be apart of such a beautiful, love-filled wedding! Congrats again Katie and Adam!

Special Thanks to:
Venue | York Agriculture and Industrial Museum
DJ | Mixmaster DJ Productions
Caterer | Roburritos
Florist | Emilie Aulenbach O'Neal
Baker | Sai Muddasani
Officiant | Ben Roth

Hazel Margaret | Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Women's and Babies Hospital Lancaster, PA

Saturday morning I got a text from my best friend that it was “go time” for little Jelly Bean. Of course, Saturdays mean weddings, so all day I kept checking my phone for updates. It was nearly 8 pm and my work day was coming to an end and still no news on Jelly Bean. 

During the parent dances at the wedding, I started to tear up wondering which one of my friends would one day have the privilege of dancing with either their son or daughter on their wedding day. Quickly realizing I was getting a head of myself I shook it off and kept working. I’ll be honest though… I was still rooting for a girl up till the last minute!

Around 10 pm I got the news that we were adding another member to the Ponytail Club (inside joke) with a beautiful and healthy little girl. Hazel Margaret, I’m pretty sure I willed you to be a girl. A fierce little Leo who I am honored to add to my BFF circle. You are absolute perfection. I can’t wait to teach you all about cats and boyz even though your parents would probably prefer that I don’t. Welcome to the world, little buddy.