Meena + Josh | Hindu Fusion Wedding | Historic Acres of Hershey | Elizabethtown, PA

Let me just start by saying I will never, EVER, get over just how amazing Meena and Josh's wedding at The Historic Acres of Hershey was. I honestly wish I could share every single photograph with you guys! I got teary eyed about three or four times that day just because things were so overwhelmingly beautiful. And anyone who knows me knows I don't cry very often... It was just that beautiful! 

And I don't just mean the amazing attention to detail or the breathtaking colors everywhere. Meena and Josh are what made this wedding so beautiful. Their kindness and love for one another shined throughout the entire day. Even when their priest was over an hour late they just laughed, rolled with the punches and kept the party going. 

They had a long wedding day too! With not one, but two gorgeous outfits changes which included hair and makeup as well. I was so impressed how the two of them handled all of the typical wedding day stresses like they were nothing. They would lock eyes, smile at each other and start laughing at themselves. I loved being able to capture all of those wonderful moments for them on their wedding day! 

Special Thanks to:
Wedding Planner | Alyssa Wolfe of Sapphire Road
Venue | Historic Acres of Hershey
DJ | Scott Martise of Klock Entertainment
Florist | Roots Flower Farm
Hair and Makeup | Bombshell Brides
Other | Swoon Vintage Rentals, Leo's Homemade Ice CreamCatered Cocktails

Katie + Adam | York Agriculture and Industrial Museum Wedding | York, PA

Adam and Katie's wedding at the York Agriculture and Industrial Museum was absolutely stunning. And an amazing and truly beautiful group effort by family and friends. The groomsmen beautifully set up the entire venue up on a tight time frame. Bridesmaids did hair, makeup, baked AN ENTIRE WEDDING CAKE and often playing assistant to me (THANK YOU FOREVER!). Their incredibly talented friends serenaded everyone with music and even officiated the ceremony. And I am also blessed to call these two love birds my friends. Not a single beat was missed. Family and friends worked their butts off to make sure Katie and Adam had the wedding of their dreams. What better way to start a marriage than to be surrounded by family and friends the entire day! It was truly an honor to be apart of such a beautiful, love-filled wedding! Congrats again Katie and Adam!

Special Thanks to:
Venue | York Agriculture and Industrial Museum
DJ | Mixmaster DJ Productions
Caterer | Roburritos
Florist | Emilie Aulenbach O'Neal
Baker | Sai Muddasani
Officiant | Ben Roth

Hazel Margaret | Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Women's and Babies Hospital Lancaster, PA

Saturday morning I got a text from my best friend that it was “go time” for little Jelly Bean. Of course, Saturdays mean weddings, so all day I kept checking my phone for updates. It was nearly 8 pm and my work day was coming to an end and still no news on Jelly Bean. 

During the parent dances at the wedding, I started to tear up wondering which one of my friends would one day have the privilege of dancing with either their son or daughter on their wedding day. Quickly realizing I was getting a head of myself I shook it off and kept working. I’ll be honest though… I was still rooting for a girl up till the last minute!

Around 10 pm I got the news that we were adding another member to the Ponytail Club (inside joke) with a beautiful and healthy little girl. Hazel Margaret, I’m pretty sure I willed you to be a girl. A fierce little Leo who I am honored to add to my BFF circle. You are absolute perfection. I can’t wait to teach you all about cats and boyz even though your parents would probably prefer that I don’t. Welcome to the world, little buddy.

Charlie Owen | Newborn Session | Long's Park Lancaster, PA

Last year little Carlie’s parents climbed the beautiful Rocky Mountains to say, “I do” to one another. So it was only right his newborn session took place in nature too! While I’m sure we all would have loved to go back to Colorado for his newborn session, Long’s Park provided us with gorgeous backdrops instead. 

I consider it a great honor having the opportunity to watch past couples family grow. It honestly feels like it was just yesterday these two say their vows to one another at the Overlook Chapel in Estes Park, moving to Lancaster and announcing their pregnancy. Now their full fledge parents raising the cutest little boy! I absolutely loved meeting little Charlie Owen and I could not be happier for you both, Andrea and Ben!

Johanna + Brian | Historic Acres of Hershey | Elizabethtown, PA

I absolutely adored Johanna and Brian's Historic Acres of Hershey wedding! Such a gorgeous and fun venue. It fit them perfectly! I don't think there was a second that day where either of them wasn't smiling. Even through happy tears, they both smiled. I love wedding days like that.

The day of their wedding was the first time I actually got to meet them in person. But it didn't take me long to realize what a great match Johanna and Brian are. They balance each other perfectly. Even with her big excited smile, I could tell Johanna was a little anxious. It was after all her wedding day and weddings can be stressful! The second she was in Brian's arms I could see all that melt away. It was an absolute honor to capture those moments for such a wonderful couple.

Special Thanks to:
Venue | Historic Acres of Hershey
DJ | Mac2 Productions
Caterer | Uncommon Caterer
Florist | Shades of Pink
Baker | Jamie Creason.
Officiant | Pastor Bill Read

Kim + Jake | Concordville Inn Wedding | Glen Mills, PA

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely adored working with Kim and Jake on their wedding day. Kim reached out to me after learning I am also a WWE fan (yes, that crazy fake sport!). She watches it every week with their son, Connor. The same silly thing Nate and I do each week. After learning that we had an instant connection and I’m so glad we did!

I knew Kim and Jake put a lot of time and effort into planning their special day at the Concordville Inn. It was an absolute honor to capture their wedding day and help them celebrate their marriage with their family and friends. Kim looked absolutely beautiful walking down that aisle and seeing her soon-to-be husband, Jake. It was a long awaited and very special moment. 

During their portraits, I was reminded of their fall engagement session at French Creek. When it comes to having his photo taken Jake is a lot like me. As in we don’t like having them taken. I quickly remembered all I needed to do was ask him to look at Kim and he’d light up like a Christmas tree. A smile from ear to ear! I absolutely love that about Kim and Jake. And I couldn’t be happier for these two love birds!

Special Thanks to:
Venue & Caterer | Concordville Inn
Baker | The Master Baker

Rising Locust Farm | Environmental Lifestyle Portraits | Lancaster, PA

When the lovely people who bring you farm fresh eggs once a week asks you if you’re available to photograph their farm you can’t say no! I had the absolute pleasure of documenting our local regenerateive farm, Rising Locust Farm. Located in the middle of Manheim, PA’s beautiful farm land it’s definitely a breathtaking sight to see! 

You can pick up farm fresh eggs from their free range, organically fed hens directly from their farm or at any Prescott Patch sites. My personal favorite is the Farmers Market on Chocolate! And soon you’ll be able to pick up some of their 100% grass fed, antibiotic free meat from them as well! I’ve been fortunate enough to get to try some of their pastured pork bacon already and let me tell ya… it’s reeeeal good! So excited for what the future holds for this farm.

Rising Locust Farm host monthly open farm days with a potluck dinner to share in community, what's happening on the farm, and ways to bring about collaborations in the future. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the potlucks! Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can stay up to date on all the happenings.

Rising Locust Mission Statement:
“The locust tree that thrives in degraded landscapes where other trees won't grow. Its role in the landscape is that of a healer, turning depleted soils into a rich biological system that allows for more and more diversity to flourish. Along the way, it provides fertilizer, firewood, nutritious forage, shade, and fence posts all while growing many feet each year. 

Our hope as a farm is to mimic the locust as a healer of land. We are trying to create farm systems that regenerate soil, the health of our local ecology, and rural communities while growing nourishing food. We are trying to do this through perennial pastures with multiple species of livestock; planting fruit, nut and timber trees on pasture to create a diverse savanna-like ecosystem; using simple earthworks and technologies to harvest water and prevent any soil erosion; and by connecting and collaborating with our local community to share knowledge, resources and opportunities. And yes, by planting many locust trees.”

The Gaston Family | Lifestyle Family Portraits | Longwood Gardens

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my favorite families for a lifestyle newborn session at Longwood Gardens. We spent the evening strolling through the gardens, chatting about life and camera equipment since Jeremy is also a photographer. But most of the night was spent gushing over little Thalia. 

Thalia was a little rock star through her first photo shoot too! And by rock star I mean she slept most of the time… Which was perfect! It gave me time to chat with Thalia’s big brother Ethan. I learned he’s a big fan of tree houses, silly faces, LEGOs and his baby sister who he lovingly refers to as “my baby.” I have no doubt he’s going to be an awesome big brother!

Jaryn + Steven | Homespun Mountain Wedding | Northeastern, PA

It’s not every day I have the honor of photographing someone I’ve known my whole life, so when my cousin asked if I’d be the photographer for their special day, of course, I couldn’t say no! Jaryn and Steven’s day could not have fit them more perfectly if they tried. It had just the right amount of happy tears followed by lots and lots of dancing. In fact, in all my years of photographing weddings, I have never seen a better entrance or first dance. I mean when you get announced to your wedding reception to “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled you know you’re in for a good night and an even better marriage! Jaryn and Steven followed up their intros with the most adorable choreographed first dance that blew everyone away. I’m still trying to figure out how they had time to learn all those sweet dance moves AND plan an entire wedding…

The wedding took place at Jaryn’s childhood home in Canton, PA. A beautiful cabin style home surrounded by gorgeous mountains and woods. As we snuck off for some sunset portraits I knew exactly why they chose this special place. I honestly couldn’t think of a better place for Jaryn and Steven to start their lives together than nestled in the valley between the beautiful rolling hills. Congrats again Jaryn and Steven! So, so happy for you guys!

Special Thanks to:
Videographer | Memories Video Production 
Baker | Emily Gustafson

Kirsten + Andrew | The White Cliffs of Conoy | Maternity Session

When your Best Friends Forever (yes, you’re my BFF by marriage, Andrew) are expecting their first child you go all out. And by all out, I mean walk three miles to the White Cliffs of Conoy for an epic sunset maternity session. The three-mile walk gave us time to catch up on each other lives and discuss little Jelly Bean’s future in our Lunch n’ Study Club (we eat lunch and then ignore each other while we bust out some work). I have no doubt that Jelly Bean will be the perfect addition to our group and I CAN NOT wait to meet him/her!! Fingers crossed for a girl though ;)

After an hour of snuggles and laughter, we headed back to the car and drove to Rita’s in Elizabethtown. Because when your pregnant wife wants ice cream you get her ice cream… Plus it was totally deserved after our 6-mile walk and I’m 100% okay with ending a session with ice cream.