Rooster Dirt Farm | Regenerative Agricultural Mushroom, Pastured Chicken and Eggs Farm | Cross Junction, Virginia

It's no big secret that I'm a little bit of a crunchy hippie... Between gardening, canning, fermenting, herbalism and all the DIY projects involving fun things like deer fat soap, it's safe to say I get pretty excited when I get a chance to visit a farm.

So when I got the opportunity to visit Rooster Dirt Farm in Cross Junction, Virginia I was super pumped! Then I found out they grow medicinal mushrooms (one of my favorite foods) and I was beyond excited to check out their farm set up. I can honestly say I've never seen such a pretty rainbow of mushrooms before! Blues, yellows, and pinks. They were gorgeous! You can check out some of their mushroom's health benefits here too.

We picked the perfect time to visit too because they just got Graceland the cow. A Jersey favorite kind of cows! Both my parents come from working farms, so milking is nothing new to me. However, I've only ever seen commercial dairy farms, so it was really fun to watch her get milked the old fashion way.

I've had the pleasure of visiting a good handful of permaculture and regenerative farms and I have to say... Rooster Dirt Farms animals are by far the happiest farm animals I've ever met. Between the tiny herd of goats frolicking behind me through the pasture to the odd romance between Graceland the cow and Leroy the pig. And I don't think I'll ever forget finding Prudence the pig taking a mud bath in the creek haha (photo below). A rooster did give me a dirty look when I was trying to take photos of his flock, but I understand...

Jess and Logan are two young, hard-working farmers trying to help put a dent in the genetically modified food industry. Helping people return back to their roots (literally!) and get more in tune with nature and the food it provides us. They work hard to feed their local community. It was an absolute honor getting to know them both better and enjoying their farm for a bit!

Follow along with their cute little farm on instagram here!