Hi, I'm Emily!

I love yoga, simplicity and drinking absurd amounts of tea. I love my one-eyed cat Helen, who has more Facebook friends than I do. I love gardening and canning. But most of all I love taking pictures.

Most days you can find me out diggin' in the dirt or sippin' coffee (and sometimes a gin and tonic or two) with my friends. I am known for my sense of humor, which is perfect for getting real smiles during those "awkward" moments where a stranger is taking your portrait. Don't worry, I get it! My goal is to make you feel super comfortable and stress free during your session. The people closest to me tell me I'm a kind, tough and funny gal. My clients have described me as sweet, flexible and laid-back. But don't take my word for it, you can read their reviews here!

My life motto is "celebrate always.” I believe that weddings are great (and a lot of fun!), but marriage is truly awesome. I consider it a great honor to stand just feet away from two ordinary people on such an extraordinary day in their lives. My style is bold, vibrant and fun just like the people I photograph. I do a combination of posed and candid shots. I focus on creating natural, honest and meaningful images. My goal is to capture images that reflect the authentic you. It’s about finding the perfect light to capture life’s unique moments and keeping them from evaporating into the past.

I am currently based out of Lancaster, PA, but I love to travel. Don't be afraid to ask me to follow you anywhere. I've photographed people in love in, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Asheville, Boston, New Orleans, Colorado, Florida, The Bahamas, and The Dominican Republic. I've got my passport ready!

If you're still reading this and think Emily Grace Photography would be a good fit go a head and click here to see my availability and say hello! 

5 Random Things About Me

1. I love watching WWE. Yes, wrestling. Yes, totally embarrassing, uncool and not very "ladylike" (pffft). But it makes me laugh and who doesn't like yelling at the TV?

2. I can. Yes, that thing your grandmother used to do. I have a huge passion for gardening and canning. If you ever have any questions on gardening or canning hit me up! I could literally spend hours talking about it.

3. I talk to my cat... like all day every day. Hey, when you work from home it's nice to have someone to talk to. It must be paying off, because Helen the cat know's how to sit and shake on command. So if you wanna seal your photography contract with a cat handshake we can do that. You can follow all the whacky adventures of Helen on my Instagram! Just look up the hashtag #helenthecat

4. I collect vintage Pyrex. Yes, another thing your grandmother probably does... I always have my eye out for some good pyrex while I'm thrifting!

5. My favorite holiday is Halloween. So much so that every year I host a Halfway to Halloween party at my house. So if you ever see a bunch of adults dressed in costumes in April they're probably headed to my house. If you love Halloween too don't hesitate to join them!