Emily + Matt | The Booking House Wedding | Manheim, PA

Emily and Matt got married at The Booking House on Sept 1st of this year. My 30th birthday! Some people couldn't believe I choose to work on my 30th birthday... And if I'm being honest I wouldn't have except for wonderful friends like Emily and Matt. Emily and I went to Kutztown and graduated from the photography program. No pressure or anything to photograph a fellow photographer's wedding... ha! But seriously I couldn't have spent my 30th any better way than doing what I absolutely love for two people I love!

I had the pleasure of really getting to know Emily and Matt throughout their wedding planning process. My heart hurt for them through every (very normal) stressful wedding planning situation! I mean no one said planning a celebration for 100 plus people was gonna be easy... But Emily and Matt handle it like champs! They navigated the tough communication between family, bridal party and each other like it was a breeze. Proof that if they can handle that they can handle anything together!

They pulled off an amazing and beautiful wedding day perfectly. Which again, is no easy task! They just made it look easy ;) It was an absolute honor to document the love of two incredibly kind and caring individuals as they chose to move forward in life together. Congrats again, you crazy kids!!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | The Booking House
DJ | Tipton Entertainment
Officiant | Hunter Hess of Neffsville Mennonite Church
Caterer | Mountain Laurel
Florist | Flourish Flowers
Hair Stylist | A Little Off the Top Salon
Emily’ Wedding Attire | In White and Warren Jewelers

Hayley + Danny | Lititz Springs Park Engagement Session | Lititz, PA

Hayley reached out asking if it was okay if they bring their pup along to their engagement shoot. Ah...duh! I'm only the worlds biggest animal lover. If anything bringing your pet to your photoshoot only works against you, because I'll totally 110% be distracted by the cuteness and ignore you and your partner completely. Okay... maybe I'm not that bad, but it helped that Haley's parents took JR home halfway through the shoot. 😂

I loved getting to know Hayley and Danny during their engagement session. Danny let me know how much he hates having his photo taken and yet he totally nailed through the whole session. I mean he did have a pretty easy job of looking at the gorgeous Hayley and snuggling her close. Who doesn't like snuggling in front of a total stranger? Ha! Regardless, they both killed it.

It's pretty easy to see that Danny and Hayley bring a lot of comfort and ease to each other's lives. And if you find someone who does that for you you should definitely marry them! In fact, Hayley and Danny will say "I do" right there in Lititz Springs Park where we had their engagement session. The party will follow at General Sutter Inn afterward, so of course, we needed to grab a few photos there too. Can't wait to celebrate with you guys!!

Baby Edith Mae | Newborn Session | Elizabethtown, PA

Welcome to the world little Edie! We've been waiting patiently for you for what seems like forever now. Okay, maybe it went by in a blink of an eye for your parents, but for me... it was forever. And I'm so excited you're here now!

You don't know it yet, but we're gonna be besties. Just like me and your big sister Hazel are. We'll teach you everything you need to know about cats and mischief and how much fun magnets can be. Hazel's the whizkid so she'll be the one to teach you your letters and numbers in both English and Spanish. I barely have English down...

Right now you're just a teeny tiny newborn, so we don't have much we can talk about right now. Plus you're pretty attached your mom right now too. Literally. But that'll change and that's the part I can not wait for.

You're parents are "enjoying" the transition to parents of two. Children are such a blessing, right?! I'm sure there are days they feel drained or maybe that they're failing, but I know just how lucky you are to have these two amazing people to call your parents. And I'm sure soon enough you will too. Welcome to the crew, Edith Mae. We love you!

Stefanie + Matt | The Barn at Silverstone Wedding | Lancaster, PA

Where do I even start with these two love birds and their STUN-NING, joy-filled wedding day at The Barn at Silverstone? First off, they added all the perfect little touches to make a transitional wedding day uniquely them. Sneaking lego people, lord of the rings references, funky-fun socks, their honeymoon to Paris and Chick-Fil-A (just to name a few!) in throughout the day. There wasn’t a single moment of their day that wasn’t a perfect reflection of who the two of them are. Which isn’t that how wedding days should be?

Besides making sure the wedding day was a reflection of them as individuals and as a couple, they made sure to include their loved ones thought out the day as well. Which, hello?! So sweet! They each got their moms a thank you gift for all their help with their special day. And got their groove with them both during the reception parent dances.

Stefanie’s grandfather walked her down the aisle, but before doing that she did a first look with him. The freakin cutest thing I’ve seen in a looooong. Forget puppies and kittens…Stefanie’s grandfather beats them both. She surprised him with a thank you gift to. His reaction…priceless. Family is obviously important to them both and that was evident throughout their wedding.

I adored every moment Stefanie or Matt looked at each other on their wedding day. Not unlike their engagement session at Millersville University they couldn't help but have huge smiles on their faces any time they locked eyes. Which of course made photos a snap! Pun intended (sorry not sorry)... And don't even get me started on Matt's first look reaction! Hands down the best one yet. It was an aboslute honor to capture their first day as wife and husband!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | The Barn at Silverstone
Wedding Planner | Simply Events
DJ | Occasions Disc Jockeys
Officiant | Rev. Joshua Gill of Doylestown Presbyterian Church
Caterer | John Serock Catering
Baker | The Master's Baker
Florist | Petals with Style
Hand Lettered Design | ChitChat Design - Amy Farrell
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist | Anthology Salon & Style Bar
Stefanie’s Wedding Attire | Lilla's Bridal Boutique
Matt’s Wedding Attire | The Black Tux
Lighting | Shumaker PDT

Chris + Tom | AACA Museum Wedding | Hershey, PA

It's no secret that my couples march to the beat of their own drum. It's not uncommon to see dogs in tuxedos or couples riding in on Harley's on my blogs. However, Chris and Tom took their wedding day to a whole other level. This was hands down one of the most unique weddings I've ever had the honor of photographing and I LOVED every minute of it.

First off, their wedding venue was the AACA Museum (Antique Automobile & Motor Vehicle History). You and your guests can enjoy dinner and dancing the night away among gorgeous antique automobiles. My personal favorite was the Forrest Gump bus! Although the Speed bus was also there for you action nerds... Needless to say, it provided one of the coolest wedding reception backdrops of my life!

Chris and Tom decided to keep with the automobile theme and had the cutest name cards with little matchbox style cars attached. The table numbers were license plates from different states. Which was perfect considering they have family from all over the county AND world!

Did I mention that Chris is from Germany? They met while Tom was stationed there. Their first date took place at Taco Bell. Be still my taco loving heart! So the caterer Molly of the JDK Group surprised them with burritos from Taco Bell. Adorable! And of course, we HAD to get a shot of that!

Needless to say, this is one for the books! Hands down the coolest. It was such an honor to capture your special day and help you celebrate with your American family and friends, Chris and Tom!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | AACA Museum
Day of Coordinator | Andrea of the AACA
Wedding Officiant | Daniel Collins
DJ | Sirr Chris Entertainment
Florist | JDK Group
Caterer | JDK Group

30th Birthday Astrophotography | Cherry Springs State Park | Potter County, PA

I turned the dirty 30! Woot woot! You've probably already seen and read my Instagram post on why this "big" birthday doesn't scare me at all, so I won't waste your time with all that! But I did want to share my photos from my birthday celebration with my boo thang. Because they're photos I've wanted to check off my bucket list for a looooong time now...

Astrophotography is something I dipped my toes into during college. Yea know... like 9 years or so ago. They were terrible and I hardly knew what I was doing, but the photos that I WAS able to create have never left my head.

It's no big secret I'm obsessed with space. There's a pretty good chance I've shown up to your Fall session with my NASA sweater on (and have been called out for it every day 😂) or showed up to our meeting with my backpack cover in space-related pins, patches and my childhood Alf keychain. I literally listen to JFK's moon speech anytime I'm feeling defeated or just unmotivated in general. You get it...I like space.

So when I heard about Cherry Springs State Park a few years back I knew I needed to get my butt there! Cherry Springs is located in Potter County (a good 3 hours from me) and is one of the darkest night skies on the east coast. AKA it's AMAZING for photographing stars, planets, and the final frontier 😉

This was my first attempt at astrophotography in almost a decade, but I promise my next attempt wont take that long to happen. If any couples or families want to travel to some clears and make some EPIC memories holla at your girl.

The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.
— Carl Sagan, Famous American astronomer, cosmologist and science popularizer

Jenny + Evan | In-Home Maternity Session | Sunflower Field Maternity Session | Lancaster, PA

If you're friends with me on Facebook (go ahead smash that friend request button and enjoy the plethora of cat memes that is my feed...I know you want to.) maybe you've seen these two cuties floating around in a couple of my photos. I met them through my old roommate years ago and we've been buds ever since!

Jenny and Evan are expecting a little girl around Halloween and I couldn't be more excited to add another girl to our gang! I also can't wait to see how their firstborns, Buckle and Kansas (the pupperz in the photos), adjust to the new nugget too. Just let them know Aunt Emily is always willing to take them to the park if things get too ruff (sorry not sorry) for them.

Jenny and Evan are transplants from Kansas living in the lovely city of Lancaster. They bought a fixer-upper a few years back and have been transforming it into the loveliest of homes! So, of course, we needed to do some in-home maternity photos to showcase the love (and blood, sweat, and tears) that built their little nest. Plus then the dog-o's could be involved and it's no secret I live for any chance I get to be around animals...

Again, Jenny and Evan are transplants from Kansas. Their state flower is the sunflower and I knew that flower held a lot of significance to them both for lots of reasons. So I suggested a sunflower field as an outdoor location for their maternity session. Luckily for us, their little girl has the perfect timing (is she already taking after mom?) and sunflowers were at their peak! I can't tell if the stunning yellow of the sunflowers or Jenny's mommy glow is brighter!

Mikel + David | Lancaster Airport Maternity Session | Lititz, PA

I know I say it all the time... but WOW my business has me meeting and photographing some of the COOLEST couples! Mikel and David met in pilot school. Yes, they're both commercial pilots. How stinkin cool is that?! So obviously we had to include planes in their maternity session and the Lancaster Airport was the perfect location.

They've both dreamed of owning their own plane for a long time. And in Novemever they took a leap of faith and brought Cali the plane into their lives. They knew it was now or never and with them wanting to start a family who knew when they'd be able to make that dream a reality. The timing was perfect because not too long after they found out they were expecting their first little one. Kismet!

I loved every single moment of photographing the 4 of them (Mikel, David, Little Peanut and Cali of course!)! Mikel insisted we get some maternity photos where "they don't look like weirdo's with their plane" so we did some more traditional maternity shots at the end, but I'm partial to the ones that include their plane. I mean how often do you get to include a plane in your maternity session? Or any session for that matter?!

Mikel and David kept pointing out planes to one another at the airport and trying to guess the type with one another. It was their own little game they play with each and it was adorable! It's obvious they are both passionate about what they do and love their jobs. I don't think there's anything "weird" about that. Mikel and David I think you guys are the coolest and I will NEVER forget this maternity session for as long as I live!

Sarah + Andy | French Creek Golf Club Wedding | Elverson, PA

Sarah and Andy's wedding was nothing short of lovely. First off, Sarah was BORN to twirl her wedding dress. Apparently, there are even family photos of her as a little girl to prove it... She looked like a real-life princess! Which fit perfectly into their dreamy, fairytale wedding day at French Creek Golf Course.

I loved being apart of every minute of their special day. Sarah is so full of joy and laughter that it's infectious to be around. I literally left their wedding in an amazing mood! Which is saying a lot because us wedding photographers are pooped at the end of the day... And Andy had me cracking up all day long. Especially when he started pretending to be the CEO of a made up company during his portrait session. Dead.

It's easy to see why people love being around the two of them. And why they love being around each other! Documenting their love on their wedding day was better than I could have imagined and I’m honored to have gotten to know them both better!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | French Creek Golf Club
Wedding Officiant | Paul Camulto of Best Wedding Officiant
Band | Mountain Folk Band
Florist | Blue Moon Florist

Ura + Jun | Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms Traditional Korean Wedding | Elizabethtown, PA

There are days where I think "dang, this job is never-ending." It's a lot to run a business all by yourself, y'all. A lot. However, days like Ura and Jun's wedding celebration I'm reminded of the many joys of my job. Because there's a pretty good chance I'll never get to see South Korea in person, but for one day, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, I got to experience just a little bit of its wonderful culture. All thanks to my job and Ura and Jun choosing to include me in their special day.

Ura and Jun are Koren-American's currently living in North Korea. Jun is finishing up University and Ura is teaching English to children. They were actually already married in Korea! However, they have lots of family and friends in the US and wanted to celebrate with them. So they threw a party at the Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms and invited all their friends to celebrate their marriage.

Ura and Jun wore traditional wedding clothes for the first half of the day and then changed into their beautiful traditional Koren Hanbok for the rest of the day. Which I learned they went to a special designer for. The designer looks at your face and skin tones and picks the perfect colors to complement it. I thought that was so cool!

One of my favorite parts of the day was the games they played after dinner. My personal favorite was the newspaper game. You and a partner have to stand on a sheet of newspaper. Each round they fold the newspaper smaller and smaller... You have to get creative to make both of you fit! The winner is the last couple standing.

Games are a wonderful thing to incorporate into your wedding day. Especially since as the day went on I realized Ura and Jun were a lot like me... They aren't big on dancing, don't like being the center of attention, and don't love having their photo taken. Although, you'd never know it from their beautiful photos!