Kelly + PeeWee | Cameron Estate Inn Wedding | Mount Joy, PA

Kelly and PeeWees beautiful Cameron Estate Inn wedding can be summed up in one word. FUN. When I met with Kelly before her wedding she told me she wanted everything to be laidback and fun so that they and their guests could enjoy the day. Done and done! Even when Kelly was running a little behind on getting ready (sorry for calling you out Kelly, but after hearing your toasts I know this isn't a big surprise for most haha) her and all the girls were still laughing and having a great time while scrambling to get dressed.

And that's pretty much how the entire day went. No, not the running behind part. The laughter part! There wasn't a single moment without someone belting out into laughter. Even through the more serious moments and tears there were still huge smiles on their faces. It's pretty obvious that Kelly and PeeWee are pretty fun people to be around and they surround themselves with equally fun and awesome people. And isn't that how a weddings suppose to be? Then Kelly and PeeWee nailed it!

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Ceremony + Reception | Cameron Estate Inn
Wedding Planner | Victoria of Cameron Estate Inn
DJ | JD Tucker
Florist | Sharon Hess
Hair and Makeup Artist | Kellie Hossler of Salon 717
Bridal Boutique | Renaissance Bridal
Groom’s Attire | The Black Tux

Kelsey + Tim | Wyndridge Farm Wedding | Dallastown, PA

Oh gosh, where do I even begin with Kelsey and Tim's Wyndridge Farm wedding? Grab the tissues, guys. But seriously my heart feels so full just thinking about their wedding day even now! Kelsey and Tim are some of the sweetest people I've ever met. The kind of people who would give you the shirt off their back as they drop the f-bomb and burst into laughter. They are seriously the perfect match for one another.

I mean let's just start with their wedding day gifts to each other. The first thing Tim gave Kelsey is a little box of tissues along with some cute gifts and the sweetest love note in the world. He knows her well... But Tim didn't stop there he also wrote Kelsey's parents a letter to read on their wedding day. Yup, pack it up guys cause Tim wins best boyfriend/partner/husband for life. And Kelsey's card to Tim that read "You're My Person" pretty much sums everything up.

Even through their crazy fun reception (the photos speak for themselves guys...) I'd catch Kelsey happy crying. Shout out to her makeup artist, because the girl looked flawless the entire day! Literally, one minute the two of them would be moshing to Flogging Molly and the next hugging someone as their eyes flooded with tears. It was the sweetest thing! It was truly an honor to be able to capture such a special day in the lives.

Ceremony + Reception | Wyndridge Farm
DJ | Provolve Entertainment
Baker | The Flour Child
Florist | The Flower Shop
Hair Stylist | The Unicorn Suite
Makeup Artis | Yashira Rivera

Laura + Robbie | Downtown Lancaster Maternity Session | Lancaster, PA

Maternity photos are probably one of my favorite types of portraits to take and yet one of my least booked sessions. I figure parents are probably running around trying to prep for their new arrival or saving for newborn photos. Which is totally and completely understandable, but it still makes me sad nonetheless! I imagine this is one of the happiest moments in a couples life (who choose to have children) and the calm before the storm. That's worth capturing in my opinion, folks!

That's why I was so excited when Robbie and Laura reached out for a downtown Lancaster maternity session! Lancaster city is one of my favorite places to shoot since there are endless photo opportunities there. And Laura's gorgeous pre-mommy glow didn't hurt either!

Maternity sessions are the perfect excuse to love-up on each other while it's still just the two of you. And Robbie and Laura did just that! There wasn't a single moment where they didn't look at one another and just start smiling from ear to ear. Which makes any photographer's heart happy...not to mention their job pretty easy too! I loved exploring the city with the two of them. Congrats again on your perfect little one, guys!

The Robinson Family | Elizabethtown Family Portrait Session | Elizabethtown, PA

I knew right away this family session was gonna be fun! Meggan is a fellow "crunchy" person like me. Which means she shares the same love of making everything from scratch, DIYing and dreaming of homesteading. Even though Meggan and I went to the same high school I didn't really get to meet her till she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed. And I've been following all her homesteading adventures on Instagram since!

Meggan and Dan recently added a new addition to their homestead... Dutch! He's the tiniest, little creampuff cutie I ever did see! And FULL of some of the best facial expressions ever. From the jolliest little laugh to a raised brow of "no you didn't" sass to the crazy lady with the camera (I’d probably do the same, Dutch…). He had me dying of laughter. I can't wait to see where all that personality takes him!

Henry | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Lancaster, PA

WARNING: only mildly jealous big fur brother below. Okay, really though Rusty the dog seemed pretty ecstatic to share his humans with his new baby brother Henry! He followed his humans from room to room making sure baby Henry was safe, feed, and happy. It was adorable to say the very least.

For brand new parent's these two lovebirds didn't seem phased at all. As a childless (unless you count Helen the cat...) person the idea of a newborn baby seems like a pretty daunting (and frightening!) task. But not for these two! They seamlessly passed little Henry off between photos to make quick work-related calls, check on Rusty, and even lint roll Rusty hair off each other. They make an amazing team and even more amazing parents!

Eugene | Lancaster County Park Senior Portraits | Lancaster, PA

When Eugene's mom reached out to me about doing his senior photos I was informed I would have my work cut out for me. Pfft... I'm always up for a challenge! Eugene is a fellow "hates having his photo taken" person just like me. I feel ya, Eugene, I feel ya. But of course, like all people who declare they hate having their photo taken, Eugene rocked his senior portrait session! He didn't seem "grumpy" or "camera shy" at all. Whatchew talkin bout, mom?! haha

I'm not gonna lie to you... senior sessions sometimes make me nervous. I like to able to relate to my clients on some kind of level when I'm working with them. And I always think "how the heck will I be able to relate to a teenager?!". But that was not the case with Eugene at all!

Eugene is an animal lover just like me. You'll see him below with his pet bird, Jenny, that he inherited from a relative. Yes, birds live SO long that you can inherit them. I know that Eugene has a kind and caring heart because Jenny is no easy nut to crack! The level of trust the two of them have clearly shows the level of patience and kindness Eugene possesses.

Eugene is also a pretty dope kid too. First off, he plays drums. I mean... immediate cool points right?! He's into some pretty cool bands and music too. I'll credit his Aunt Ashley (who is a friend of mine) for that... And I overheard him talking to his mom about his Vans shoes. A brand of skateboarding shoes I've worn since middle school and still wear today. It took me back to the days of begging my mom to buy me my first pair of hot pink Converses. Another skater brand I still love and wear today...

It was an absolute honor to photograph such a cool, kind, and hardworking young man like Eugene. I wish you all the best in these very exciting upcoming years!

The Donahower Family | Elizabethtown Borough Park Winter Family Portraits | Elizabethtown, PA

Every year I have the pleasure of photographing the Donahower Family for their annual Christmas photo. This year we had the addition of sweet baby Sage to the bunch! It's always fun photographing her sister River. She's quite the ham... So I can't wait to watch little Sage's personally develope!

We got lucky this early winter here in PA. It actually snowed before Jan for once! It wasn't much... BUT it was enough for a quick snowball fight at the end of the session! I think Dad might have had the most fun with that. River was pretty indifferent to the situation haha

The Chmielowski Family | French Creek State Park Family Portraits | Elverson, PA

The other day someone asked me how long I've been in the wedding industry. It took me a minute, but when I did the math it turns out I've been in this beautiful, crazy, wonderful industry for TEN YEARS now. Wow, where did the time go? One of the perks of being in the wedding industry so long is getting to watch your couples grow their families! Whether that's with kids, dogs, or cats I'm always equally excited haha.

I photographed Kim and Jakes wedding a few years ago (again, where has the time gone?!) at the beautiful Concordville Inn. They were already very much an adorable little family then, but they've made a pretty cute addition to the Chmielowski family since then!

Before I could even suggest it Kim said she wanted to take their family photos at French Creek State Park where we did their engagement session. Great minds think alike! Plus I’m a sucker for anything sentimental…We even got to recreate some of those photos while there. It was so nice to see the two of them again and meet the little ones!

The Tindall Family | Apple Orchard Family Session | Elizabethtown, PA

Have you ever met someone that's so sweet you swear they have to be made of sugar? Well, that's how this entire family is. I'm sure they'd humbly disagree, but it's true! They were so sweet and kind throughout the whole chilly fall session. Even when I made Elizabeth tromp through the mud in the Masonic Village orchard in her heels she smiled the whole way!

And don't even get me started with little Miss Amy... What a cutie! She was so cooperative and kindhearted when I'd ask her to do silly things like "tackle your mom!" or "is there a squirrel on my head?" She was a good sport on such a cold day! Little Amy asking me if I'd come over and play with her next week was hands down the greatest compliment I've ever received after a session. You know you've done your job right when the kid doesn't want the fun to end. It was an honor photographing such a wonderful family!

Lauren | Urban Lifestyle Maternity Session | Uptown Harrisburg, PA

I was so pumped when Lauren said she loved the idea of doing her maternity session around the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. Not only was it just a few blocks away from her home, but it couldn't have reflected her beautiful personality more! Midtown is colorful, bold, and stylish. It was the perfect complement to Lauren's vivacious, fearless, and adventurous soul. I loved exploring Midtown with her and finally being able to check out some the Sprocket Mural Works murals in person. They were the perfect backdrop for this vibrant babe and her baby-boy-to-be!

We chatted about the do's and don'ts of pregnancy. Like, DO smile and nod when someone tells you their baby's name even if you hate it. And DON'T just run up and start touching a pregnant woman's belly... We discussed her very normal fears of becoming a mother. Of course, we both ultimately decided she was gonna be a kickass momma (duh!) and I can't wait to see her flourish in this next chapter of her life!