Alicia + Erich | Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda and Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Wedding | Harrisburg, PA

Ever have one of those days were everything is absolutely perfect? That's how I'd describe Alicia and Erich's wedding day. Absolutely perfect. 

Alicia and Erich looked like stinkin models all day long. The lighting was perfect, the flowers were perfect, the bridal party and guest were perfect. Everything was perfect. My team member and I pretty much lost our minds all day long over every little detail they had planned. 

And Alicia and Erich were so sweet and fun to work with throughout the entire day. We left feeling like we had just made two new best friends!

Alicia and Erich are the perfect complement to each other. Erich is a very chill and laid-back guy and kept Alicia calm and relaxed throughout what is typically a pretty stressful day. And Alicia is the sweet little spitfire that keeps not only the ball the rolling but the party going too. A rare and impressive skill! 

Alicia and Erich said, "I do" at the Harrisburg Capital which provided the most romantic backdrop for their portraits. Then we all headed to Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center to get the party started. HMAC provided the perfect backdrop for this musician and his wife to enjoy their first dance and party into the night with loved ones.  Documenting their love was better than I could have imagined! Thank you for choosing to include me in your special and perfect day.

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony | Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda
Reception | Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center
Wedding Planner | Bridget Cole
DJ | DJ Jim Payne
Florist | Rhapsody in Bloom
Baker | Aunt April!
Hair | Steele Hair Salon

Abby | Harvard Bridge Lifestyle Portraits | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Boston. I got to visit my cousin as well as a few Lancaster, PA friends who have relocated to Somerville and Cambridge. Luckily for me, they were all eager to show me around the city of Boston and my personal favorite, Salem. 

Abby was a gem and showed me around Harvard Square and MIT. We grabbed a bite to eat at Charlie's Kitchen (mmm oysters and gin and tonics!) and chatted about boys, our friend's farm (Rising Locust Farm) where we met and her new life in Boston. Abby works for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and just accepted a new position in the Boston region. Even though we all miss her terribly back here in Lancaster she's kicking butt and taking names up in Cambridge!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate just how cute Abby is? Can you believe this little kitten in single? Okay, I'll stop embarrassing her now... But seriously, she's the best. #fastfriends

Kelsey + Tim | Engagement Session | Marietta, PA

The honest truth is I think all of my couples are super cute. However, Kelsey and Tim are super duper cuties. Seriously these two didn't stop giggling and lovin on each other their entire engagement session. A photographers dream! Pretty sure I had to tell them to breathe a couple times... ya know, from kissing too much. Not a bad problem to have though.

Typically I run into guys that feel stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera (no biggie! It's all part of the job!). But Tim... man he couldn't keep his eyes or hands off Kelsey the entire time. I could tell being around Kelsey put him at ease. And I absolutely loved that about their engagement session. 

I had so much fun working with these two follow cat parents that I seriously can't wait for their wedding this fall! Big bonus; it's at one of my favorite venues, Wyndridge Farm. And just in case anyone has any doubts about how awesome it's going to be Kelsey has already seen a medium who informed her that she's chosen an amazing photographer and that they're going to love their photos (Yikes! No pressure or anything!). So the universe has spoken and it's gonna be a good one!

Hazel Margaret | 6 Month Lifestyle Session | Elizabethtown, PA

If you follow along with the "Emily Show" on Instagram stories you've probably seen my BBF (Baby Best Friend) Hazel on there. We're buddies and love talking about important topics such as boys, paying bills and trying to get her parents to let her get a cat. So when her mom asked if I would take her 6-month photos I couldn't pass up a chance to hang out with my girl, Haze.

Her parents would probably argue differently, but Hazel is one of the happiest babies I've ever met (minus that weird colic phase she went through...). She's always smiling and giggling, so it made for a pretty easy photo shoot. 

Hazel also has this wonderful sense of curiosity mixed with just a pinch of mischief (she may or may not get that from her Aunt Emily). She's already crawling and of course interested in everything that's going on. Fingers crossed that sense of wonder and fascination leads to a career that pays millions one day, so she can take care of her Aunt Emily in her old age... oh and her parents too. 

Fallon + Nick | Couple Session | Asheville, NC

If you're following along on Instagram (my insta stories are still up!) you may have noticed I was in Asheville, North Carolina last week. I spent a good portion of my time there exploring and hiking, but as a destination wedding photographer, my trip wouldn't be complete without squeezing in a quick photo session!

I met up with these Asheville locals for a couple session before I headed back to my home base of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While North Carolina is a definitely more lush and green than Pennsylvania is in February it's still very much "winter" there. Which meant we need to improvise a little to add some color to their session.

We started at the lake and as soon as Fallon pointed out the canoes I knew we needed to shoot there. Fallon and Nick are also avid outdoors-peeps like me, so it fit them perfectly! 

Nick was a bit hesitant about the photo shoot and having to have his photo taken. As a fellow "hates having their photo taken" person, I feel ya... However, these two Asheville cuties were naturals in front of the camera. I gave them my typical and simple instructions for posing and they killed it!

I will be returning to Asheville April 1st-8th and Boston April 25th- May 2nd and would love to meet up with local couples and/or families while I'm there! Email me for more info!

Angie + Tiff | Bilmar Beach Resort Wedding | Treasure Island, Florida

I absolutely love when couples make their wedding truly reflect who they are as a couple. Angie and Tiff's wedding at the Bilmar Beach Resort was no exception. They did such a fantastic job of incorporating each other into every detail of their celebration. 

I mean... just for starters they choose Tiff's birthday as their wedding day. So of course after cake cutting, we all sang not one, not two, but three versions of happy birthday to her. What better way to celebrate your birthday than marrying the love of your life and being surrounded by loved ones, right?

And it's not a wedding without a prank, right? Showing off Angie and Tiff's playfulness they pulled a prank on their nephews, the ring bearers, during the ceremony by pretending the rings where missing. I think their nephew's response was something along the lines "we didn't do it."

And after meeting Tiff's dad it was easy to see where she gets her lightheartedness from. He decided to serenade them with "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye and had everyone in tears. And then in tears again, for more heartfelt reasons, during his speech to them. 

Their wedding was also originally set to take place in Puerto Rico, but Hurricane Maria had other plans. Just a few months before their wedding Angie and Tiff made the call to move it to Treasure Island, Florida. The result is one of the most visually unique ceremonies I've ever photographed. Which only cements my belief that everything happens for a reason!

Fog, which is kind of rare in St. Petersburg, Florida, rolled in just before their ceremony. It covered nearly everything but left just enough visibility for everyone to see. The result was absolutely beautiful and made the public beach feel private and intimate. 

The rest of the night was full of dancing, laughter and lots of love. Thank you to everyone who made a strange lady with a camera feel like part of the family. It was an absolute honor to capture Angie and Tiff's love on their wedding day!

Cameron Mitchell | Nautical Nursery Lifestyle Newborn Session | Enola, PA

Old friends, cute pups, and an adorable little baby? Yes, please! Loved catching up with these two new parents and meeting little Cam. And he did so well for his first "photos shoot" too! Slept through the whole thing like a champ. Even through barking dogs! I'm looking at you, Molly...

Cameron did have a little "moment" at the end when he was put into his Eagles jersey.  Not sure he shares the same love for them as his mommy and daddy....Maybe the Superbowl will change his mind. ;)

Jenn + Patrick | Atlantis Paradise Island Wedding | Nassau, Bahamas

When Jenn and Patrick got engaged and started the wedding planning process they set a goal; have unique photographs to remember this special moment in their lives. They looked all over  Pennsylvania for the perfect wedding venue. While beautiful, none of them seemed to have that special spark and it became too overwhelming. 

And then they found Atlantis Paradise THE BAHAMAS Y'ALL! Luckily for me creating unique wedding photos for them was pretty easy. Especially considering it was -1 degrees back home in Pennsylvania. So sad we missed that... ;)

It's not every day you receive an email asking about wedding services for the Bahamas, but boy am I glad I did! Jenn and Patrick pulled off one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever had the privilege to be a part of. Which is no easy task considering they had to plan everything from another country! Not only was it beautiful, but they added so many wonderful personal touches to their day as well. Again, not an easy task considering most resorts just have you pick cookie cutter things out of a catalog.

Aside from being included in a wedding day I will literally never forget Jenn and Patrick gave me an experience of a lifetime as well. Jenn, Patrick and all of their 32 guests made me feel so welcomed and included me in everything during my stay at Atlantis Paradise Island. Everything from a rum tour to water slides with sharks! Thank you all for making me feel like I was one of "the crew" during my trip. I will never forget my little Bahamas family! Thank you, Jenn and Patrick, for giving me the trip of a lifetime and the honor of capturing your love! 

A HUGE Thank You to:
Wedding Planner | Tiffany Moss, Atlantis
DJ | Kirk Duncombe, Furze Entertainment
Florist | Araxie Avron, Wildflowers
Wedding Stationery | Bookman Graphics
Baker + Caterer | Atlantis
Makeup Artist | Lee Homick, Salon and Beyond
Bridal Boutique | Taylored for you Bridal

Meghan + Eugene | Downtown Lancaster Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA

WARNING: If you hire me to photograph your wedding I will make you practice your first dance in public spaces while strangers walk by. I promise it's more fun than it sounds! Just ask Meghan and Eugene. Plus now they're fully prepared to bust a move at Friedman Farms on their wedding day!

I had such a great time adventuring around F&M and Downtown Lancaster with Meghan and Eugene for their engagement session! For a winter session, we had such good weather too. And considering we had to reschedule due to 30MPH winds the week before we were really thankful for that...

I always love when clients tell me they're uncomfortable in front of the camera (but really, who isn't?!) and then totally kill it through their whole session. Which honestly only made me more pumped for their wedding day! After our session together, Eugene told me I did a good job of giving them direction throughout their session. Literally the best compliment a photographer gal could get! I think it was just that they're really good at being snuggly and cute... Can not wait for their wedding in August!

Emily + Caitlin | Colorful and Intimate Wedding Celebration | Elizabethtown, PA

Caitlin and Emily tied the knot in one of the most beautiful, powerful and intimate wedding ceremonies I've ever had the honor of being a part of. The wedding took place on Caitlin's scenic family farm. The perfect place for their intimate, homespun ceremony.

The wind roared so strongly that day. Sometimes wind on a wedding day can be a real pain in the butt, but something about the strength of the wind that day just seemed to enhance the importance of the day. Plus it helped sweep the amazing biodegradable confetti all over the place after the ceremony. Always a bonus! ;)

Emily and Caitlin decided to keep things simple with their family only wedding ceremony. This meant creating AH-mazing DIY dream catchers, building their own gorgeous bouquets and calling in a friend to create a delicious cocktail hour menu (hello crab cakes and fancy tomato soup!). They knocked it out of the park if you ask me! 

I don't think there was a single minute that day that Emily or Caitlin didn't have a huge smile on their face. It was an absolute honor to be apart of such a joyous, loving and fun wedding day!