Sarah + Andy | French Creek Golf Club Wedding | Elverson, PA

Sarah and Andy's wedding was nothing short of lovely. First off, Sarah was BORN to twirl her wedding dress. Apparently, there are even family photos of her as a little girl to prove it... She looked like a real-life princess! Which fit perfectly into their dreamy, fairytale wedding day at French Creek Golf Course.

I loved being apart of every minute of their special day. Sarah is so full of joy and laughter that it's infectious to be around. I literally left their wedding in an amazing mood! Which is saying a lot because us wedding photographers are pooped at the end of the day... And Andy had me cracking up all day long. Especially when he started pretending to be the CEO of a made up company during his portrait session. Dead.

It's easy to see why people love being around the two of them. And why they love being around each other! Documenting their love on their wedding day was better than I could have imagined and I’m honored to have gotten to know them both better!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | French Creek Golf Club
Wedding Officiant | Paul Camulto of Best Wedding Officiant
Band | Mountain Folk Band
Florist | Blue Moon Florist

Ura + Jun | Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms Traditional Korean Wedding | Elizabethtown, PA

There are days where I think "dang, this job is never-ending." It's a lot to run a business all by yourself, y'all. A lot. However, days like Ura and Jun's wedding celebration I'm reminded of the many joys of my job. Because there's a pretty good chance I'll never get to see South Korea in person, but for one day, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, I got to experience just a little bit of its wonderful culture. All thanks to my job and Ura and Jun choosing to include me in their special day.

Ura and Jun are Koren-American's currently living in North Korea. Jun is finishing up University and Ura is teaching English to children. They were actually already married in Korea! However, they have lots of family and friends in the US and wanted to celebrate with them. So they threw a party at the Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms and invited all their friends to celebrate their marriage.

Ura and Jun wore traditional wedding clothes for the first half of the day and then changed into their beautiful traditional Koren Hanbok for the rest of the day. Which I learned they went to a special designer for. The designer looks at your face and skin tones and picks the perfect colors to complement it. I thought that was so cool!

One of my favorite parts of the day was the games they played after dinner. My personal favorite was the newspaper game. You and a partner have to stand on a sheet of newspaper. Each round they fold the newspaper smaller and smaller... You have to get creative to make both of you fit! The winner is the last couple standing.

Games are a wonderful thing to incorporate into your wedding day. Especially since as the day went on I realized Ura and Jun were a lot like me... They aren't big on dancing, don't like being the center of attention, and don't love having their photo taken. Although, you'd never know it from their beautiful photos!

Emily + Matt | Downtown Lancaster City Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA

T-minus one month until these two cuties say "I do." ! Fun fact they're tying the knot on my 30th birthday! I literally would not work on such a big birthday for anyone other than close friends. And that's just what Emily and Matt have become to me over the past year or so!

Emily and I met in college. We were both in the photography program together! So it's been super fun discussing photo ideas with her and obviously, a huge honor to be asked to capture their wedding day for them.

It's also been wonderful getting to know both her and Matt post-college too! They are such a great complement to each other. Both of their strengths as individuals balances or brings out what the other lacks. And isn't that what a good partnership is all about?!

I can not wait for their wedding at The Booking House coming up so soon! It'll be a wonderful day of Matt and I making Office references and not understanding Emily's Friends references (although I hear Matt is getting educated...). And of course lots of love!!

Miller Family | Hiking Family Session | Elizabethtown, PA

Hazel Basil, my sweet little goddaughter, you have no idea your world is about to be turned upside down. You're about to get a sibling. Yikes! I've never known life without a sibling, so I don't have much advice for ya, sweet pea. I imagine it's gonna be tough at first. You are the center of both your mom and dad's world and that center is about to get a little smaller.

However, I have no doubt after a few weeks of big sister-ing you're gonna be a rockstar at it. First off, you have both your parnets genes. Two people who have big, kind and caring hearts and neither ever give up at anything. Both qualities you've inherited that will make you and amazing big sister. I know once you get over the initial shock of Miller Baby #2 you're gonna teach them everything you know about being a kind and caring person with a spunky and tenacious spirit. You got this, girl!

Baby Jay | Harrisburg Capitol Building Family Session | Harrisburg, PA

Oh. My. Gosh. Look at this little nugget!! Baby Jay definitely has some baby modeling in his future. He's a little cutie and such a ham too! He was flirting with me the entire shoot... If he ever figures out how cute he is you guys are in for some trouble!

Good thing Jay is currently a living angel baby. He's such a happy baby! He was all smiles the entire session (a photographers dream!). Except for that one time, we tried to sit him down in the grass... But since he's a city boy I get it.

Baby Jay, it has been an absolute honor photographing your mother's pregnancy and now her journey into motherhood. You are very well-loved by both of your parents and I can't wait to watch you grow!

Dora + Tim | Cameron Estate Inn Wedding | Mount Joy, PA

Where do I even begin with these two wild and crazy kids? Dora and Tim's Cameron Estate Inn wedding day was filled with tons of joy and a whole lot of laughter. These two had me cracking up the entire day. I don't want this to go to their heads, but they're definitely one of the funniest couples I've ever had to the pleasure of working with. I mean who does an entire choreographed (put together by Dora's dad!) ballroom style first dance and then chest bumps at then end? Dora and Tim do. That's who.

They compliment each other so well and their banter back and forth is something of a 90s sitcom. Playful and sweet! There is no shortage of silly faces and tongues sticking out in their wedding gallery! Which I'm 1000% for by the way...It's easy to see why people love them so much and that was very evident on the day of their wedding. It was an absolute honor to be included in and capture their special day!

A HUGE Thank You to:
Ceremony + Reception | Cameron Estate Inn
DJ | Occasions Disc Jockeys
Videographer | J + K Film Co
Baker | The Flour Child
Florist | Royer's Flowers
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist | Details Salon and Spa

Nicole + Rob | The Barn at Stoneybrooke | Atglen, PA

Somedays I just can't believe I get to spend one of the happiest days of couples lives with them. Little ol' pretty-much-a-complete-stranger ME. Like how is this my job? That's how I felt the whole time with Nicole and Rob at the Barn at Stoneybrooke. Let me tell you I was one lucky wedding photographer getting to work with them!

First off, they're just the stinkin sweetest! I don't think there was a minute of that day Nicole wasn't smiling from ear to ear. Or asking others if they needed anything... Ah, Nicole, it's your wedding's the other way around today! Even when our photo time got shorten and pushed to later they both just rolled with the punches with huge smiles on their faces. I think it's safe to say they were just happy to be married to one another...

When the ice cream truck rolled out it all made sense. Ice cream people are just better than non-ice cream people. It's a scientific fact... The ice cream goes straight to their brain and makes them happier people. Again... science. They also mentioned during their ceremony that one of their first dates was at an ice cream shop! So having Lickity Split at their wedding was just another reason for me to weep behind my camera when no one's looking...

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Ceremony + Reception | The Barn at Stoneybrooke
Wedding Planner | Jeremi of The Barn at Stoneybrooke
Wedding Officiant | Darrel Martin of Petra Church
DJ | Complete Weddings and Events
Caterer | Stonehill Catering
Florist | Pearls and Petals Designs
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist | Brittany Burkett of Youphoria
Wedding Dress | Lititz Bridal Boutique
Decorator | Lindsay Martin of Caroline's Rentals
Ice Cream Truck | Lickity Split

Tyler + Chris | Chesapeake Bay Engagement | Annapolis, MD

Have you ever met someone and like 5 seconds in you realize they're your kind of people? It's a very Step Brothers moment… "Did we just become best friends? YUP!" That's how I felt when I sat down with Tyler and Chris at Mean Cup to discuss their wedding day at Foxchase Golf Club.

While walking around Annapolis for their engagement session it was easy to see why. Is there anyone these two aren’t friends with?! Even the bar tenderer at Tsunami where they had their first date enjoyed photobombing their photo haha. Needless to say, it was one of the most fun engagements sessions I've done!

Chris even announced at the end of our engagement session together "this was awesome!" Hearing that the groom-to-be actually had fun having his photo taken is one of THE BEST compliments I get. And as if I didn't already love these two enough Tyler has repeatedly told me she wants it to rain on her wedding day. Laid-back brides like her make my heart skip a beat! Hello, gorgeous rain photos! I've got my rainboots ready!

Artist Katya Popova | Create! Magazine Spring Branding Shoot | Philadelphia, PA

I swear every time I link up with my sweet friend Katya I leave her ready to take on the world. She is the living, breathing inspirational Pinterest quote you needed at the exact right moment. Okay, cheese aside Katya is an inspiring, badass businesswoman. Every time I leave her I have a fire under my butt to get sh*t done as well as the confidence to punch the fears of entrepreneurship in the face. She's constantly pushing other artists to follow their dreams just like she has. Myself included!

Katya is the founder and owner of Create!, a contemporary art magazine that highlights the work of artist, makers and creative entrepreneurs. Create! is working hard to create a community of both working creatives and up-and-coming artist. Create! highlights the stunning works of fresh, unique artists as well as offers advice on the art world from some of the leading professionals in the industry.

If that wasn't enough for ya Katya is also a very talented working artist (Ekaterina Popova) as well as the host of the popular podcast Art and Cocktails. Is there anything this girl CAN'T do?! If you get the opportunity to ever chat with her you'll quickly find the answer to that is a HARD NO.

Katya and I meet up about every 6 months to photograph the latest issues of Create!, update her gorgeous headshot, create media for her businesses, and of course catch up and uplift each to keep pushing forward. To say I was excited to check out her new pink studio would be a total understatement…Be sure to check out all of her creative endeavors below!

Ekaterina Popova
Create! Magazine
Art & Cocktails

Karla + Brittany | The Assembly Room Wedding | Baltimore, MD

Karla and Brittany's wedding at The Assembly Room was the ultimate way to kick off wedding season. Tacos, a badass bridal party, a churro bar, the most gorgeous industrial wedding venue space ever, and of course, two amazing, beautiful souls becoming one. How the rest of the season will live up to their incredible celebration is beyond me!

Not only do Karla and Brittany know how to throw a kickass party they know how to love each completely in the most amazing way. Their ceremony was so lovely and sweet. I'm thankful I get to hide my teary eyes behind my camera at weddings... Their unconditional love and ability to love each other absolutely is truly a rare and beautiful thing. It was an absolute honor to be able to capture that love and their special day for them!

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Ceremony + Reception | The Assembly Room
Wedding Planner | MJM Events & Staffing
DJ | Chris Styles Events
Caterer | Hoopla Catering
Florist | We Do Event Design LLC
Hair Stylist | Aiise Styles
Makeup Artist | Glam Empire Studio