Angie + Tiff | Bilmar Beach Resort Wedding | Treasure Island, Florida

I absolutely love when couples make their wedding truly reflect who they are as a couple. Angie and Tiff's wedding at the Bilmar Beach Resort was no exception. They did such a fantastic job of incorporating each other into every detail of their celebration. 

I mean... just for starters they choose Tiff's birthday as their wedding day. So of course after cake cutting, we all sang not one, not two, but three versions of happy birthday to her. What better way to celebrate your birthday than marrying the love of your life and being surrounded by loved ones, right?

And it's not a wedding without a prank, right? Showing off Angie and Tiff's playfulness they pulled a prank on their nephews, the ring bearers, during the ceremony by pretending the rings where missing. I think their nephew's response was something along the lines "we didn't do it."

And after meeting Tiff's dad it was easy to see where she gets her lightheartedness from. He decided to serenade them with "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye and had everyone in tears. And then in tears again, for more heartfelt reasons, during his speech to them. 

Their wedding was also originally set to take place in Puerto Rico, but Hurricane Maria had other plans. Just a few months before their wedding Angie and Tiff made the call to move it to Treasure Island, Florida. The result is one of the most visually unique ceremonies I've ever photographed. Which only cements my belief that everything happens for a reason!

Fog, which is kind of rare in St. Petersburg, Florida, rolled in just before their ceremony. It covered nearly everything but left just enough visibility for everyone to see. The result was absolutely beautiful and made the public beach feel private and intimate. 

The rest of the night was full of dancing, laughter and lots of love. Thank you to everyone who made a strange lady with a camera feel like part of the family. It was an absolute honor to capture Angie and Tiff's love on their wedding day!