Artist Katya Popova | Create! Magazine Spring Branding Shoot | Philadelphia, PA

I swear every time I link up with my sweet friend Katya I leave her ready to take on the world. She is the living, breathing inspirational Pinterest quote you needed at the exact right moment. Okay, cheese aside Katya is an inspiring, badass businesswoman. Every time I leave her I have a fire under my butt to get sh*t done as well as the confidence to punch the fears of entrepreneurship in the face. She's constantly pushing other artists to follow their dreams just like she has. Myself included!

Katya is the founder and owner of Create!, a contemporary art magazine that highlights the work of artist, makers and creative entrepreneurs. Create! is working hard to create a community of both working creatives and up-and-coming artist. Create! highlights the stunning works of fresh, unique artists as well as offers advice on the art world from some of the leading professionals in the industry.

If that wasn't enough for ya Katya is also a very talented working artist (Ekaterina Popova) as well as the host of the popular podcast Art and Cocktails. Is there anything this girl CAN'T do?! If you get the opportunity to ever chat with her you'll quickly find the answer to that is a HARD NO.

Katya and I meet up about every 6 months to photograph the latest issues of Create!, update her gorgeous headshot, create media for her businesses, and of course catch up and uplift each to keep pushing forward. To say I was excited to check out her new pink studio would be a total understatement…Be sure to check out all of her creative endeavors below!

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