Butterflies + Blooms Photo Shoot | Lancaster County Central Park | Lancaster, PA

What's the best way to shake the winter cobwebs off your camera before wedding season? A quick "just for fun" shoot pulled together the week before by three stir-crazy creatives! Since Melissa (of Melissa Hess Photography) and I had a gig cancel for April 12th I suggested we just get out and shoot since she already had a babysitter lined up. Plus the spring flowers have been blooming like crazy here in Lancaster, PA and I couldn't wait any longer to get out and shoot.

Of course, we knew we needed to include our magical, unicorn, sunshine spirited friend Sirena (of Monsters and Lace) after our mermaid photo shoot together! Click here to see Sirena and her partner in crime make the little mermaid look like shark bait...

All three of us showed up to Lancaster County Central Park in our brightest, most colorful outfits and cameras in hands. Melissa had purchased a pack of plastic butterflies off Amazon a while back for a project but never got to use them. She had the genius idea of incorporating them into our shoot and the result is stunning! And thank you, Sirena, for snapping a couple of me on my camera too!