Julianna + Will | Engagement Session | Columbia, PA

Oh man, how do I even begin to describe the joy of this session! First off, I was told Will was camera shy. So I showed up to this engagement session fully caffeinated and ready to do whatever it took to get him to laugh. Like fart jokes on deck kind of ready. As soon as we started shooting I knew I had been lied to. Will was a natural in front of the camera! In fact, he did better than some guys who don’t even claim to be camera shy.

I asked him about this terrible “lie” I’d been told and he responded with “Well we’ve been practicing. Photos are important to her (Julianna) so I’m trying my best for her.” Cue the happy tears! What an amazingly sweet answer. The rest of the session I realized my job would be much easier than I thought. All I needed to do to make either one of them smile was to tell them to look at each other. They were all snuggles and laughter the entire session. They're the cutest! Julianna and Will are a perfect match for each other and I can not wait for their wedding at Perfect Settings in August!