Kathleen + Anthony | Conoy Brethren in Christ Wedding | Elizabethtown, PA

It's pretty rare that I don't get to meet a couple before their big day. But with Kathy and Tony planning their big day the whole way from Perkasie and running a family of five, yes, 5 kids! (Okay, teenagers and young adults. As if that makes it easier...). We stuck to a simple phone call. ;)

Since I didn't have much time to get to know Kathy and Tony before their wedding day here is what I learned about them on their wedding day: 

1. Tony loves Kathy. Deeply and truly. I mean the poor guy could hardly hold back his tears of joy all day! One look at his lovely wife Kathy and he'd turn into a big ol' pile of mush. Don't worry, the good kind of mush... The kind of mush that makes you turn into a pile of mush behind your camera....I'm not crying, you're crying!

2. Kathy loves Tony. Deeply and truly. She was there to catch every joyful tear that fell down Tony's face. Not a single one was missed! And after wiping away each tear she would follow up with a long, loving embrace to her husband.

3. Kathy and Tony's children love them a whoooole lot. It's a pretty rare sight to see that many siblings in one area not trying to murder each other... Just keepin it real! I was so impressed by their maturity that day. If I'm being honest, marriage was not a concept I fully understood at their age. However, they all seemed to grasp the importance and significance of that special day as their family became one. It was absolute beautiful to see how happy they are were for their parents. 

It was an absolute honor to be apart of Kathy, Tony and their family's special day. It was full of joyful tears and lots of laughter. Two of my favorite things! To capture their first moments as husband and wife was better than I ever could have dreamed. Congrats Kathy and Tony!!