Alycia + Nate | Engagement Session | Downtown Lancaster City

Lancaster City is and will always be a second home to me. So when Alycia and Nate said they wanted their engagement session to take place in Downtown Lancaster I was so pumped! I grew up in Lancaster and have spent many of my “adulting” days there too. And yet on engagement sessions like Alycia and Nate’s, I always find something new that I’ve never seen before. I had such a blast exploring the city with the two of them!

Lancaster City is especially important to Alycia and Nate because it’s where they spent a lot of their time together when they first started dating. So I absolutely loved that they wanted to go back Nate’s apartment on Duke Street and take photos there. I always suggest picking a location that is special to you as a couple and Alycia and Nate hit it out of the park.

Alycia and Nate were so adorable throughout their session. Anyone who knows Nate knows he’s a pretty funny guy, so of course, he did a great job making Alycia laugh. Real smiles always trump fake smiles! I can only image what Nate whispered in her ear when I told him “okay, now whisper the last thing you ate in your sexy voice.” Alycia was a good sport through it all! Can't wait for their wedding this fall at The Harvest View Barn at Hershey!