The Goretzke Family | Homestead Maternity Session | Elizabethtown, PA

"This photo has special meaning to me. When Emily was capturing this moment I was thinking of our sweet baby boy and how much I wanted to hold him. Nothing else mattered in that moment. It was just me and him. I became very emotional and had to stop shooting because a wave of love and gratefulness washed over me. After 2 miscarriages I am finally carrying a healthy baby. It's finally my turn to be a mother. It's my turn to have mommy play dates. It's my turn have a baby shower. It's my turn to complain about not sleeping. It's my turn to bring a human being into this world. It's my turn!" - Mindy

This. This is why I do what I do. These moments are so, so, so important, guys! Five, ten, fifteen years from now Mindy will be able to look at this photo and remember this moment. When baby Jacob is no longer a baby and on those days when parenting isn't so easy she'll be able to remember this moment. She'll be able to remember how hard she fought for this blessing.

And let's not forget that Jacob will be able to look at these photographs and see how happy his parents were to finally have him. He'll have photographs of his dad with a huge genuine smile across his face. I say this because Mindy informed me that Mike has "fake smile" he likes to use for photos...tisk tisk! It was truly an honor to capture this moment in time for them. And don't worry Mindy, I get emotional over adorable, tiny booties too and I'm not even pregnant!