Eugene | Lancaster County Park Senior Portraits | Lancaster, PA

When Eugene's mom reached out to me about doing his senior photos I was informed I would have my work cut out for me. Pfft... I'm always up for a challenge! Eugene is a fellow "hates having his photo taken" person just like me. I feel ya, Eugene, I feel ya. But of course, like all people who declare they hate having their photo taken, Eugene rocked his senior portrait session! He didn't seem "grumpy" or "camera shy" at all. Whatchew talkin bout, mom?! haha

I'm not gonna lie to you... senior sessions sometimes make me nervous. I like to able to relate to my clients on some kind of level when I'm working with them. And I always think "how the heck will I be able to relate to a teenager?!". But that was not the case with Eugene at all!

Eugene is an animal lover just like me. You'll see him below with his pet bird, Jenny, that he inherited from a relative. Yes, birds live SO long that you can inherit them. I know that Eugene has a kind and caring heart because Jenny is no easy nut to crack! The level of trust the two of them have clearly shows the level of patience and kindness Eugene possesses.

Eugene is also a pretty dope kid too. First off, he plays drums. I mean... immediate cool points right?! He's into some pretty cool bands and music too. I'll credit his Aunt Ashley (who is a friend of mine) for that... And I overheard him talking to his mom about his Vans shoes. A brand of skateboarding shoes I've worn since middle school and still wear today. It took me back to the days of begging my mom to buy me my first pair of hot pink Converses. Another skater brand I still love and wear today...

It was an absolute honor to photograph such a cool, kind, and hardworking young man like Eugene. I wish you all the best in these very exciting upcoming years!