Faustina | Senior Portrait | Lititz Springs Park

I loved working with Faustina and her mom for her senior portraits. Faustina is such an amazing young lady. She is full of confidence and strength and after watching her interact with her mom it’s easy to see why. Throughout the whole session, Faustina's mom gushed over her. She continually told her how beautiful she looks and explained to me how she’s better than all the boy’s in her drumline (heck yea girl power!). Instead of responding in the typical teenager, “Mom stop! You’re embarrassing me!” Faustina just laughed and thanked her mom with a big genuine smile.

Faustina brought the coolest props along for her senior session. A hula hoop, her Rush drum sticks, a yoga mat and her favorite books. If Faustian and I had gone to high school at the same time we definitely would have been best friends. Enjoy your last year of high school, Faustina! I can't wait to see where you go next!