Danielle + Dave | Elizabethtown PA | Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms

May 13th the forecast called for thunderstorms and rain off and on all day. Considering it was Friday the 13th I came prepared with rain boots, tons of plastic bags and umbrellas. However, Danielle and Dave only had good luck all day long! Especially Dave since he got to marry the lovely Danielle. ;) We had one giant downpour while everyone got ready inside and then the sun came out and shined the rest of the day.

Danielle and Dave were so calm and laid-back through the entire day. I always like to include brides and grooms, so that they don't feel like I'm hijacking their special day. Danielle and Dave always responded with, "What ever you think is best!" They went with the flow and trusted me through the whole process.  Something all photographers appreciate!

Danielle and Dave's wedding took place at the beautiful Harvest View Barn in Lancaster, PA. The venue offered tons of beautiful, rustic backdrops for the two love birds and their bridal party. They served an amazing dinner and even more amazing cupcakes to their guest both by The Uncommon Caterer. Seriously.... we were scoping their cupcakes out the entire time! Neffsville Flower Shoppe provide the lovely flowers and DJ Matt Hannaford kept the party going all night!