Kalen + Lizzy | Surprise Proposal | Tellus 360 Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA

3 dogs, 2 cats, a sweet little kitten, and 2 engagement rings. No, I'm not talking about Noah's Ark or some new aged Brady Bunch. I'm talking about Kalen and Lizzy's sweet, fur-filled, love story!

Kalen reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she wanted to propose to her girlfriend, Lizzy. Before we could even finish exchanging emails Lizzy beat Kalen to the punch. The sweetness of that could literally make my heart explode! Of course, every girl deserves to be proposed to so we went on with our plan for Kalen to pop the question to Lizzy.

Kalen told Lizzy she wanted to have family photos done with their pups (Y'all...how stinkin cute are they!!). We snapped a few with the dog-os and then Kalen passed the leashes off to their friend Scott while I distracted Lizzy. "I know it's weird, but look into the tree. The lights better that direction." Sure, light is better with a tree blocking it.... haha When Lizzy turned around there was Kalen down on one knee. In case you couldn't figure it out, she said yes!!

We preceded on like a normal engagement session from there. After I snuck a few more shots of the pups of course... I always like to make sure my photos reflect each couples uniqueness, so I ask Kalen and Lizzy where they'd like to have the rest of their photos taken. They knew right away they wanted to have them done at one of their favorite hang out spots, Tellus360.

After their session, we chatted about wedding plans, saving fur-babies lives and life in general over a beer. Capturing your love was absolutely wonderful and I'm honored to have gotten to know you both!