Erin | Bridal Portrait Session | Lancaster, PA

I had such a blast exploring Marietta, PA with my girl, Erin, for this shoot. We collaborated on this edgy bridal look and I absolutely loved the results! I am so obsessed with her headpiece. Anyone getting married in a two-piece dress, a gold dress or a leather jacket definitely give me a call! I'm your girl.

Now when I say collaborated what I really mean is I told Erin I had a teeny tiny little idea in my head and she brought it to life. Erin's endless drive to create is so inspiring! I guess that's why she makes a living as a Creative Strategist. And can we talk about her modeling talents? She is completely self-taught. She credits all her skills to hours of watching America's New Top Model. So thanks, ANTM! If you ever need help with a creative project or a model she is your girl! Her creativity and talent truly blow me away.