The Leggett Family | Family Lifestyle Session | Marietta PA

I recently had the pleasure of following one of my favorite families around the historic Susquehanna river town, Marietta. The last time I saw the Leggett Family was at Kingston's newborn session. Which is horrifying to think that was already a year ago! It was wonderful to see how big he's grown and to see my bestie, Marley.

Marley is such a special little girl. So sweet and polite, but so free spirited at the same time. She's a real whiz kid and not shy at all. Especially when picking her nose in front of me. Don't worry Marley, we all do it... She definitely has her mothers kindness and gets the unshy part from her dad.

Watching Jeff and Mariana interacting with Marley and Kingston it's easy to see why Marley has developed such an amazing personality. The way Jeff and Mariana interact with their children is absolutely beautiful. The way they love and snuggle them close, but allow them to explore and inspect the world around them. With Marley leading the way (with the help of mom and dad) I know Kingston is going is in good hands!