The Robinson Family | Elizabethtown Family Portrait Session | Elizabethtown, PA

I knew right away this family session was gonna be fun! Meggan is a fellow "crunchy" person like me. Which means she shares the same love of making everything from scratch, DIYing and dreaming of homesteading. Even though Meggan and I went to the same high school I didn't really get to meet her till she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed. And I've been following all her homesteading adventures on Instagram since!

Meggan and Dan recently added a new addition to their homestead... Dutch! He's the tiniest, little creampuff cutie I ever did see! And FULL of some of the best facial expressions ever. From the jolliest little laugh to a raised brow of "no you didn't" sass to the crazy lady with the camera (I’d probably do the same, Dutch…). He had me dying of laughter. I can't wait to see where all that personality takes him!