Kirsten + Andrew | The White Cliffs of Conoy | Maternity Session

When your Best Friends Forever (yes, you’re my BFF by marriage, Andrew) are expecting their first child you go all out. And by all out, I mean walk three miles to the White Cliffs of Conoy for an epic sunset maternity session. The three-mile walk gave us time to catch up on each other lives and discuss little Jelly Bean’s future in our Lunch n’ Study Club (we eat lunch and then ignore each other while we bust out some work). I have no doubt that Jelly Bean will be the perfect addition to our group and I CAN NOT wait to meet him/her!! Fingers crossed for a girl though ;)

After an hour of snuggles and laughter, we headed back to the car and drove to Rita’s in Elizabethtown. Because when your pregnant wife wants ice cream you get her ice cream… Plus it was totally deserved after our 6-mile walk and I’m 100% okay with ending a session with ice cream.