Amanda + Nikole | Stirling Guest Hotel Wedding | Reading, PA

When there's no engagement session it's always a little scary to go into a wedding day. An hour-long meeting at a coffee shop is typically enough time for me to get to know a couple well enough to know if we'll be a good fit or not personality wise for their wedding day. But you have no idea how photographing will go. These two lovely ladies were handsdown pros though! I can confidently say these two can add Professional Models to their resumes.

All they needed were each other and the rest of the work was a piece of cake for me. All I needed to tell Nikole was to snuggle into Amanda and they would both immediately relax. Hey having your photo taken by a stranger is stressful! It's obvious they bring each other so much comfort and peace. But don't let their calm demeanors full you though! They BOTH fully enjoyed the moment when I told them they were allowed to whisper anything they wanted in the other ones ear...

I absolutely loved getting to know Amanda and Nikole on their wedding day at the Stirling Guest Hotel. It was overwhelming to see how much love and support the two of them had on such an important day in their lives. I loved hearing all the endearing stories about the two of them from family and friends. It's safe to say these two are well-loved!

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Ceremony + Reception | Stirling Guest Hotel
Day of Coordinator | TJ Sophy of the Stirling Guest Hotel
DJ | Rob Urenko of Ultimate Sound Productions
Baker | Beverly's Pastry Shop
Florist | The Nosegay Florist
Makeup Artis | Heather Weiser Makeup Artistry LLC

Rachael + Emmy | Fall Family Portraits | Marietta, PA

I had the honor of photographing Miss Emelia when she was just a teeny tiny one-year-old nugget. It was an in-home session less than a block from my house (howdy neighbors!). She obviously didn't remember any of it or me, but I was so thrilled when Rachael reached out about family portraits!

Miss Emmy, I hope you always stay this wild and free. You are such a strong-willed, independent and kind little girl. Fierce is probably the best word to describe you. Your momma has raised you well no doubt. You have the genes of two truly special people so I couldn’t really see you turning out any differently!

Thank you for sharing your awesome running skills, Lou-dog, and your very special locket with me. I can't wait to see you grow into an even fiercer puppy wrangler! And thank your Rachael for humoring all my silliness throughout the session and the very thoughtful cat calendar! Helen the cat approves.

The Long Family | Speedwell Forge Extended Family Session | Lititz, PA

I was so excited when Danielle reached out about setting up a family photo session with me. She's a super talented artist herself! It's always an extra big honor when someone as talented and creative as Danielle inquires about my work. You can check out her work for yourself by clicking here.

I love photographing families, but extended families add a whole other level of fun! It's like being invited to Thanksgiving or Christmas. The gangs all there! I get to capture the whole family dynamic. Like grandparents and grandchildren snuggles. Or my personal fav aunt and nibblings snuggles because I'm the worlds greatest aunt obvi... It's the perfect way for the whole family to get a few photos of themselves and their loved ones to update them home with!

The Miller Family | Lifestyle Family Portraits | Lancaster, PA

Sarah reached out with fingers crossed and just one day to accomplish family photos this year. The stars aligned and it was a day I wasn't booked (fall scheduling is crazy y'all)! And I'm so glad they did!

I wouldn't have had the honor of meeting them and their little man! Who was a total flirt by the way... He's just learning to walk, but that didn't stop him from hand delivering my pretty leaf after pretty leaf with a big grin on his face. I see you, buddy!

The Millers are new-ish to Lancaster. So having family photos done at their new home was a no-brainer. It was the perfect way to capture this moment in their lives and share the big move with family and friends. By the way, total house envy. And I only saw the outside! Stunning. Welcome to Lancaster Miller family! We' sure are happy to have ya!

Emma Elizabeth | Newborn Session Masonic Village | Elizabethtown, PA

I had the honor of photographing Dave and Danielle's Harvest View Barn wedding just a few years ago (it feels like last week though!). I didn't think Danielle could get any prettier than she looked on her wedding day, BUT DANG! Motherhood looks good on this girl! I'm pretty sure I complimented her hair and mommy glow 100 times. Totally not creepy at all...

And don't even get me started on the perfect little cream-puff, Emma. Not only is she a total cutie, but she was so sweet through the whole session. Not a single tear, whimper or cry through the whole session. And it was in the 40's the day we were shooting... If I was her I'd be throwing a fit! I do believe there may or may not have been a diaper blow out towards the end of our session together, but that's a problem for mommy and daddy to worry about haha.

Mermaid Dreams | Wedding Styled Shoot | Lancaster, PA

For a long time, I swore I'd never do a styled shoot. What's a styled shoot you ask? Styled shoots are organized for many reasons, but most of the time they are used to build portfolios, build relationships among wedding vendors, and inspire couples. I'm all good with most of those reasons, but the inspiring couples part is a hard one for me to deal with.

Often styled shoots are put together by wedding vendors for wedding vendors. It's the best of the best coming together to create their very best, incredibly creative, most elaborate work. Which is totally awesome! BUT I feel that they could be discouraging to the everyday couple.

Styled shoots can set unrealistic expectations. PERIOD.

It's easy to have everything cohesively come together when several talented wedding vendors have been planning a specific theme for months. It's easy to have the perfect tablescape when an event designer had endless hours to design ONE sweetheart table. It's easy to have gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo when you're a photographer working with models and endless amount of time to do so.

But the other side of things is that they help keep us wedding vendors creative and fresh. It allows us time to explore our talents and step outside our boxes a bit. So I knew that when I was ready to do a styled shoot it would have to be something so wildly out there that no couple could allow the comparison game into their head.

So when my lovely mermaid obsessed friend and often wedding day assistant, Melissa, suggested the idea of doing a mermaid styled shoot I begged her to let me in on the fun! Melissa was hands down the backbone of this project, which is kind of hilarious to say because she recently was on bedrest for throwing her back out... She spent HOURS putting Pinterest boards together, talking to possible vendors and rallying the troops. This shoot would not have been possible without her and all the AH-MAZINGLY talented vendors listed below.

We had a vague narrative in our head when we started this project. As the shooting day went on a much more detailed story began to unfold. I know what it is, but I'm curious to hear what others think. Comment below what you think the story of these two shipwrecked lovers tale is!

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Other Photographer | Melissa Hess of Melissa Engle Photography
Models & All Around Badasses | Sirena Domino Hildebrand and Chris Juergen of Monsters and Lace
Florist | Kate Knapp of Glory Flower Co.
Jewelry | Realm and Reason
Canoe Rental | Lakefield Weddings
Geodes & Placemats Rentals | Keiser Rental Co.
Invites & Geode Calligraphy | Haldeman Haus
Mermaid Tail | Fin Fun Mermaids
Green Vintage Dress | The Scarlet Willow
Vintage Trunk | This is Dannis

Rooster Dirt Farm | Regenerative Agricultural Mushroom, Pastured Chicken and Eggs Farm | Cross Junction, Virginia

It's no big secret that I'm a little bit of a crunchy hippie... Between gardening, canning, fermenting, herbalism and all the DIY projects involving fun things like deer fat soap, it's safe to say I get pretty excited when I get a chance to visit a farm.

So when I got the opportunity to visit Rooster Dirt Farm in Cross Junction, Virginia I was super pumped! Then I found out they grow medicinal mushrooms (one of my favorite foods) and I was beyond excited to check out their farm set up. I can honestly say I've never seen such a pretty rainbow of mushrooms before! Blues, yellows, and pinks. They were gorgeous! You can check out some of their mushroom's health benefits here too.

We picked the perfect time to visit too because they just got Graceland the cow. A Jersey favorite kind of cows! Both my parents come from working farms, so milking is nothing new to me. However, I've only ever seen commercial dairy farms, so it was really fun to watch her get milked the old fashion way.

I've had the pleasure of visiting a good handful of permaculture and regenerative farms and I have to say... Rooster Dirt Farms animals are by far the happiest farm animals I've ever met. Between the tiny herd of goats frolicking behind me through the pasture to the odd romance between Graceland the cow and Leroy the pig. And I don't think I'll ever forget finding Prudence the pig taking a mud bath in the creek haha (photo below). A rooster did give me a dirty look when I was trying to take photos of his flock, but I understand...

Jess and Logan are two young, hard-working farmers trying to help put a dent in the genetically modified food industry. Helping people return back to their roots (literally!) and get more in tune with nature and the food it provides us. They work hard to feed their local community. It was an absolute honor getting to know them both better and enjoying their farm for a bit!

Follow along with their cute little farm on instagram here!

Stefanie + Matt | Millersville University Engagement Session | Millersville, PA

Where do I even start with these two cuties? I had an amazing time photographing their sweet love at the place they fell for one another, Millersville University. Stefanie is actually on the alumni board now that's how deep this goes, guys... So, of course, that's where we started our engagement session together! And I’m glad we did, because their campus is absolutely stunning.

It's always fun for me when clients proclaim "they suck at having their photo taken" and then totally rock their session without any of the awkwardness they said would happen. All I needed to do was put them in place and Matt took care of the rest. He'd look at Stefanie with some kind of goofy face, she'd burst out laughing and Matt would follow.

It was giggles the whole session with these two! They'd just look at each other and start smiling or laughing. Stefanie and Matt have one of the sweetest bounds I've ever seen. People always claim their partner is this best friend, but with these two I truly believe it! I can not wait to celebrate their sweet love with tons of laughter, happy tears and love at the Barn at Silverstone!

Kalen + Lizzy | Surprise Proposal | Tellus 360 Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA

3 dogs, 2 cats, a sweet little kitten, and 2 engagement rings. No, I'm not talking about Noah's Ark or some new aged Brady Bunch. I'm talking about Kalen and Lizzy's sweet, fur-filled, love story!

Kalen reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she wanted to propose to her girlfriend, Lizzy. Before we could even finish exchanging emails Lizzy beat Kalen to the punch. The sweetness of that could literally make my heart explode! Of course, every girl deserves to be proposed to so we went on with our plan for Kalen to pop the question to Lizzy.

Kalen told Lizzy she wanted to have family photos done with their pups (Y' stinkin cute are they!!). We snapped a few with the dog-os and then Kalen passed the leashes off to their friend Scott while I distracted Lizzy. "I know it's weird, but look into the tree. The lights better that direction." Sure, light is better with a tree blocking it.... haha When Lizzy turned around there was Kalen down on one knee. In case you couldn't figure it out, she said yes!!

We preceded on like a normal engagement session from there. After I snuck a few more shots of the pups of course... I always like to make sure my photos reflect each couples uniqueness, so I ask Kalen and Lizzy where they'd like to have the rest of their photos taken. They knew right away they wanted to have them done at one of their favorite hang out spots, Tellus360.

After their session, we chatted about wedding plans, saving fur-babies lives and life in general over a beer. Capturing your love was absolutely wonderful and I'm honored to have gotten to know you both!

Christy + Sam | Beer Garden Styled Moonstone Manor Wedding | Elizabethtown, PA

If I had to choose just one word to describe Christy and Sam's gorgeous Moonstone Manor wedding I would choose love. Which I understand sounds cliche for a wedding day... But I don't just mean the love between Christy and Sam. Anyone who knows these two lovebirds are well aware of how much they love and care for each other. That much is obvious. 

When I say Christy and Sam's wedding day was full of love what I mean is every single person in attendance had nothing but love for the two of them. Everyone had nothing but wonderful stories and things to say about them throughout the entire day. Parents, bridal party, friends, and Bosco (the best dog) all worked tirelessly to make sure Chrisy and Sam's wedding dreams came true. Truly a testament to the amazing people Christy and Sam are!

It was wonderfully overwhelming to see how much love and support the two of them had on such an important day in their lives. Documenting their love, as well as their family and friend's love for them, was an absolute honor. Thank you to Christy and Sam for choosing to include me on such a special day in your lives. And thank you to their friends and family for making me feel so warm and welcomed on their wedding day!

A HUGE Thank You to: 
Ceremony + Reception | Moonstone Manor
DJ | Tim Mercandetti of 30 West Entertainment
Baker | Cheryl Ann Walton
Florist | Lips "Tu" Lips Flowers
Hair and Makeup Artist | Amanda Rush of Anthology Salon
Bride's Dress | Arielle Bridal
Groom’s Attire | Men's Wearhouse