Erin + Neil | Anniversary Session | Downtown Lancaster City

Oh man, what a perfect day it was hanging out with there two love birds! First, let’s give a round of applause for Erin’s unicorn tears purse. I’m not entirely sure what unicorn tears do, but I’m pretty sure Erin and Neil definitely drink them because they were absolutely magical to work with. ;)

I had such a blast exploring Downtown Lancaster with Erin and Neil for their anniversary session. We popped into Stan's Record Bar where Erin and Neil picked out the perfect “new look” for each other while searching for some new tunes for their recorded player. 

All that treasure hunting made us a little hungry so we hopped over to the new donut shop on Prince Street, Sugar on Top. When asked if he’d like a receipt Neil replied with a Mitch Hedberg joke and Erin burst into tears. It was adorable. These two were absolutely made for each! We headed up to Central Market to enjoy our delicious treats before venturing off for more photo adventures.

Anniversary sessions are a fantastic time to experiment with trends and fun looks. And most importantly you'll have photographs (ya know other than your old cell selfies) to look back on while you grow old together. Whether you’re newly engaged, celebrating your 50th anniversary or maybe it's just been a while since you and your loved one had a nice photo together. Your love is ALWAYS worth celebrating!

UPDATE!: This beautiful anniversary session was published on one of my favorite, color-filled, wedding blogs, Bespoke-Bride! Make sure you bring some tissues though... Erin has some of the sweetest things to say about Niles and their first year as a married couple. Click here to read more.