Amber + Chris | Engagement Session | White Cliffs of Conoy

Every once in a while, as a wedding photographer, you run into a couple who is just a DREAM to work with. That’s Amber and Chris for me. First off, let me say that it is my job to make you feel comfortable and to pose you in ways that look natural and relaxed. That ain't always easy, y’all! There’s a reason it’s called work…BUT sometimes posing just comes naturally for a couple. Again, that’s Amber and Chris. I barely had to say a word and they would just start being the absolute cutest! I might say something like, “Okay, let’s go belly to belly for this next shot. Do that and I’ll tell you where to go from there…” and before I could even give any kind of direction Chris would reach up and pull Amber in for gentle and sweet kiss on the forehead. DREAM-FREAKIN-COUPLE. 

Oh and besides being absolutely adorable they have an awesome sense of humor. I’ve dreamed of the day a client would ask me to take an awkward family photo for them. Amber and Chris made that dream come true. They each slipped into a pair Chris’s  U.S. Marine “shorties” and I posed them in as many awkward  80’s portrait studio poses as I could think of. Click here for a better visual of what I’m talking about. Amber even reassured me that those would be her favorites photos and for me not to be offended if they were. Amber, those are my favorites too. 

It’s no secret I am beyond excited for their Lakefield Wedding this July!