Ellie Grace Stauffer | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Elizabethtown, PA

Oh little Ellie Grace… where do I even start! She rocked her newborn session like the perfect little baby model she is. Not a single fuss or tear the whole session. That’s unheard of by the way for newborns for all my non-baby people out there… I didn’t even have to pull out any of my “baby whisperer” tricks! Ellie even gave me the perfect little smile right as we were finishing up too. As if to say, “Yay! I’m glad this is over.” I feel ya, girl…I feel ya.

Mary and Luke also did an amazing job too. Not that I had any doubt after their flawless maternity session that you can view here! Not only did they create the perfect little human, but they we awesome models as well! Must run in the family! ;) And to think they were unsure if they wanted to be in any photos because of all the sleepless nights they have been having lately. Can you believe these were only 12 days after birth? They both look amazing!!