Henry + Yiyi | 2017 Mount Calvary Prom | Masonic Village Elizabethtown, PA

First off, prom definitely did not look like this back when I went to prom and I’m pretty jealous about it! Henry pulled out all the stops for him and his girlfriend Yiyi’s prom. I was so impressed when he contacted me to capture this exciting moment in their lives for them. When Henry explained that he and Yiyi were foreign exchange students from China attending Mount Calvary Christian School I knew I had to make these portraits special for them.

Yiyi looked absolutely stunning in her navy prom gown with a gorgeous jeweled accent belt. Henry picked out a lovely red, white and blue corsage for Yiyi to wear. Perfect for their first American prom! Henry looked so sharp in his three-piece suit with a simple and beautiful red rose boutonniere. The two of them were nothing short of adorable throughout their entire session! Henry was a total gentleman carrying Yiyi from location to location so her feet wouldn’t hurt and her heels wouldn’t sink into the ground. The world needs more Henry’s! ;)