Hazel Margaret | Wild One Themed Birthday | Elizabethtown, PA

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I was getting text messages from Hazel's parents (AKA my besties) that she had arrived. It feels like just yesterday I was driving to the hospital to capture your very first moments on this earth. I still remember you trying (and getting pretty close too!) to lift up your head up while in the hospital bed with your mom and your dad by her side.

That moment right there should have been an indicator of what was in store for everyone over this past year. Hazel, you are such a sweet, strong-willed, curious little girl. You definitely inherited both of your parent's best qualities for sure! 

Watching you develop into this inquisitive and kind little girl has truly been such an honor.  I'm still unsure about your kisses (she puts your whole nose in her mouth...), but I appreciate that you like me enough to try. Thank you for being my BBFF (Baby Best Friend Foreve