My Family Vacation 2018 | Lifestyle Family Session | Bethany Beach, DE

When you own a "big fancy camera" that you make your living with you rarely actually use it for your own personal life. For years I've been so worried about something happening to it I'd never take it anywhere. 

Well after a few years of being in the business and having a centerpiece full of water fall on my equipment bag, a person accidentally stepping on my lens, and someone actually stealing equipment out of my bag (there's a special place in hell for people like that...) I've learned accidents can happen any place, any time. That's what backup equipment and insurance are for anyway!

Now that my niece and nephews are getting older I want to make sure they have photos of their childhood to look back on. My parents were so good about documenting me and my sister's lives as children. We have albums and albums full of photos. Maybe that's even why I love documenting things now as an adult! Now that we live in the digital age where photos get taken only to die on phones I want to make sure that's not the case for my family. 

Our yearly trip to Bethany Beach is a family tradition, to say the least. I've gone just about every year since I was in my mother's belly. We spend the entire week decompressing, boogie boarding, and of course, riding the trolley around. Oh, and we build a lot of poop castles too. ;)